Springtime in the Garden (Photos)

Spring is here and the garden is most certainly coming alive! Unfortunately some freezing temperatures are in the forecast for later in the week here in Tennessee. Here's a quick look at what you will find in my garden at the moment! Purple leaf plum and forsythia   I trimmed the forsythia back after…

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Spring IS Coming

Despite what the weather may lead us to believe Spring will arrive soon. Maybe it will help us believe it if we repeat that phrase: Spring will arrive soon! (Repeat as needed) It's March and during March we can expect a number of tumultuous and turbulent weather systems that will toy with our psyche. Have…

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April in a Tennessee Garden

It's another beautiful spring morning here in Tennessee and I thought I would share a little of the garden with you so you could see what is growing.  Yesterday was in the 70's and the rest of the week is predicted to be the same which is simply perfect springtime weather.  We all deserve…

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Spring Around the Garden

It is full fledged spring around our Middle Tennessee garden.  There is no shortage of work that needs to be done in the form of weeding and mulching on top of a myriad of miscellaneous projects.  For now though let's just take a few pictures of the garden and we'll think of that monster…

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Spring in Tennessee

The first day of Spring is marked by gardeners everywhere.  Unfortunately not everyone gets to experience warm days, growing plants, and all the wonders of spring at the same time.  It's different for every region but that doesn't make it any less significant.  The first day of spring symbolizes the beginning of the growing…

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Spring Is Here!

Yesterday brought in that first official day of spring but it sure seems that spring beat the calendar to the punch.  The warm weather has brought many of our plants and trees much further along at this time of year than they should be.  It has me concerned.  I love the warm weather and…

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