Vegetable Garden Checklist for the End of March

Everyone is thinking about the garden right now, if not they should be!  The vegetable garden is where you can really reap the rewards of your backyard.  Sometimes though you do't know what you should be doing and when or (if you're like me) forget a few things every now and then!  So here is a little garden checklist for you for things that you should be doing at the end of March.  This list is catered to a zone 6-7 garden with an approximate last frost date of mid-April so if you live in different zones you will need to adjust the list by a couple weeks. Vegetable Garden Checklist for the End of March Plant Potatoes and Onions  March is a great time to plant these in the garden.  We go through a lot of potatoes and onions through the year and can be some of the most…

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4 Tomato Growing Tips!

The tomatoes are coming along nicely in our garden which means it's time to do a few important things for them to maximize their growth.  Here are a few quick tomato tips to help you grow your favorite backyard vegetable! (It's really a fruit though!) Stake your tomato well.  Whatever method you use to stake your tomatoes make sure it will hold the plant.  A good stake or cage will prevent the tomato from coming in contact with the soil and allow good air circulation around the plant to minimize fungal diseases.  Traditional tomato cages will eventually become too heavy with the weight of the fruit to stay up so another method is better.  Try using heavy duty stakes, heavy gauge wire cages with T posts to stake them up, the Florida weave method, livestock panel 'A' Frames or overhead supports with string lines for support. Fertilize appropriately!  I always…

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5 Fall Things to Do to Prepare the Vegetable Garden for Spring

The fall season is a busy one.  We're all busy cleaning up the outside areas of our homes and gardens to prepare for colder days ahead.  The list of things to do this fall isn't a short one but if you can fit a few more items to your list you will save yourself some time in the spring!  Let's take a look today at a few things you can do this fall to prepare your vegetable garden for spring. 5 Fall Things To Do To Prepare the Vegetable Garden for Spring Clear out your summer garden.  Maybe you've already done this but I haven't.  We were still getting tomatoes and peppers from the garden and I didn't want to stop a good thing!   Don't put any diseased foliage or branches in the compost bin.  In the past I've burned the dead and dried tomato stems in a fire…

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