An Indoor Hanging Wall Planter Garden

The current project I'm working on for Lowe's Creative Ideas fits into two categories for me: indoor gardening and vertical gardening.  "Migration" was the theme given to us which means we were to bring the garden indoors but the issue with that for me is space.  I bring plants indoors to overwinter each year like coleus or my avocado tree but space for more gardening is limited.  With three kids there's lots of stuff and it's hard to bring in more!  The solution was to think about some sort of vertical garden.  We do have wall space an idea was developed to create a decorative planter that hangs on the wall! After coming up with numerous ideas I eventually settled on a 5 tin bucket with a lightbox effect around it.  Lighting isn't a big issue where the hanging wall planter is going to do since we have south facing…

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Building a Vertical Garden Arbor with Gutters! (Part 1)

Recently the folks at Lowe's Creative Ideas asked me if I could put together a once a month project using products I found at Lowe's that fit a specific theme.  Of course since I enjoy doing these types of projects around the garden I jumped at the chance!  This month they wanted a project centered around the theme:"Pots and Plants".  The idea behind "Pots and Plants" is to create an older or non-traditional object into a planter for an outdoor space somewhere in my garden. I decided to put together a garden arbor that would serve as a fence panel section around our vegetable garden that used gutters as the planter.  I've seen various renderings of gutter gardens before and thought that this would be a pretty interesting idea to incorporate into our fence! I planned out the project and dropped into our local Spring Hill, TN Lowe's Home Improvement…

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