Powdery Mildew and How to Fix It!

This Sunday's weather was gorgeous.  A little cooler than we've been having but a great day to get out and get some big jobs done.  I spent much of the day mowing and preparing the vegetable garden then went around taking pictures of the gardens.  Things are coming along nicely but there was one…

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5 Neat Native Plants!

Native plants have many advantages over exotic plants.  I thought for today's Friday Fives Post I would mention five native plants that are pretty neat to have in your garden.  First though let's define the terms native and exotic.  Exotic plants are those that are not indigenous to your region.  They've either been brought…

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Taking Advantage of Aerial Roots

You all know how much I like making new plants, but you should also know that I really like it when plants make it easy for the propagator! Many plants do just that by creating aerial roots that normally will be used to grab onto surfaces and climb. Vining plants (of course) are especially…

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My Favorite Native: Honeysuckle!

This time of year the native honeysuckle growing on my arbor is one of the showiest flowers around. Tons of flowers are covering the controllable version of lonicera. The native honeysuckle goes by the name of Lonicera sempervirens and not Lonicera japonica. I have the exotic foreigner too but it came with the garden!…

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Sweet Autumn Clematis

It's that time of year when the fall plants begin to start their show. One such plant is the Sweet Autumn Clematis (Clematis terniflora). This non-native clematis grows prolifically through the summer and gladly will climb any structure it meets then blooms in the fall. I picked up two of these on the discount…

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Winter Blooming Jasmine – In March!

They call it winter blooming jasmine, and last year it really was. I suppose that technically this year it still is but with spring fast approaching it's almost too late to call it winter, almost. The first bloom happened several days ago but more and more blooms are rapidly opening. Its lateness in flowering…

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How Big is a Moonflower Bloom?

How big is a moonflower bloom? Let me show you! If you use the lens cap of my camera as an indicator this moonflower bloom on our arbor is roughly 6-8 inches in diameter! Below the moonflower is a purple sweet potato vine. I think the dark foliage and bright white blooms look great…

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