Making a Hoop House for Winter Vegetable Growing

Many gardeners take the winter season off from gardening. They work hard from early spring through late far then take a little break but you don't have to stop growing vegetables in your garden just because the weather has changed. One way to continue growing vegetables in cold weather is to construct a hoop house. A hoop house is simply an unheated greenhouse type structure that will help keep the temperatures several degrees warmer. In areas with mild winters a hoop house can allow you to continue growing all the way through the winter. Hoop houses can be made of many different types of materials. In this post you will see one way to put together an economical, small hoop house for your garden. (The materials for this project were furnished by Lowe's as a part of the Creative Bloggers Network!) How to Make a Hoop House for Winter Vegetable…

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It’s December, Do You Know What That Means?

Today is December 1st, 2011.  The first day of the last month of the year, do you know what that means? Mockingbird on a Frosty Morning Only 137 days left until our last frost date here in Middle Tennessee!!!  WOOHOO! OK, I sound completely ridiculous here but think about all the stuff that has to get done before that planting date over the winter.  Seed catalogs need drooled over, new plant introductions need perused, seeds for planting in the garden need selected, garden beds need prepared, weeds need weeded, seeds need planted, mulch needs put out, plants need transplanted, hardwood cuttings need to be taken, and there are many, many more things I could list. Here are few things for the Winter Garden To-Do List: Finish moving plants around.  I have a red twig dogwood in a bad spot that needs a new home and several other plants that really…

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6 Steps to Prepare for the Winter Vegetable Garden

This year I'm determined to grow more out of my vegetable garden than the typical summer tomato!  In the past I've managed to sustain herbs like cilantro throughout the winter but haven't been determined enough to nurture many vegetables other than spinach throughout the cold months. (It's hard to get psyched up to run out in the cold for garden maintenance!) The spinach I've done in the past usually lasts fine on it's own for a while but my garden could produce much, much more.  I've even had lettuce make it through the winter to produce in the spring but it really wasn't harvestable during the winter months. If we could have fresh garden greens rather than the greens from the store we would not only be saving money but eating healthier too. Here's what I need to do to get ready for my winter vegetable garden: Radish Seedling Finish…

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