2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

In case you are wondering about where exactly you are situated in the USDA plant hardiness zone maps here are a couple to look at. One is the national map and the other is the Tennessee State map.  The maps are useful when determining which plants to plant in your area.  The zone map shows you the lowest expected temperatures in an area.  You have to take this with a grain of salt though.  If you live in a frost pocket or have various micro-climates in your garden the plants can perform differently.  Our house is situated in a frost pocket and despite the USDA zone map which shows us in a zone 7a location and has a 0°-5° Fahrenheit low. We typically end up with temperatures below 0°F once or twice a season.   National USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map (Click on the Map to see a larger picture) Tennessee…

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My Herb Garden Layout

Herb Garden Layout I've been debating on exactly what kind of herb garden to implement and after making up some rough sketches of various ideas on paper I decided to throw this basic design together. It has a somewhat formal look yet should be relatively easy to maintain. I was considering trying to do a knot herb garden but that just looked like more work than I wanted to do, at least at this time. My second thought was a parterre herb garden layout but again to keep it looking as it should regular pruning is a necessity. I also considered a random arrangement to allow it to look fairly natural. The design above is sort of a hybrid of all three with a formal look that won't need real high maintenance pruning. How The Herb Garden Layout is Designed: The stepping stones (1) divide the 8 foot bed into…

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