Burning Bush Cutting Progress (Euonymus alata)

This fall I took a scraggly looking branch off a little burning bush I had. The botanical name is Euonymous alata. These bushes are green during most of the growing season but turn fiery red in the fall before they lose their leaves. It is for this reason that people plant them. Yesterday I checked the cutting’s progress.

I wasn’t really expecting anything so the resistance I felt when I tugged gently at the cutting was surprising. I very pleased when I extracted the cutting and several tiny little roots were revealed. You can see the little roots on the right side of the picture.

Starting the cutting was pretty simple. I found a nice looking section of stem about 5 inches long. I cut it below a node, dipped it in water and applied powdered rooting hormone. When you dip the cutting in water it allows the powder to stick better. Then I put it in a container with sand and made sure to keep the sand moist. I will leave the cutting in the sand for a couple more weeks then pot it up. I’m keeping it in the garage to avoid frost damage on the tender little guy.

3 thoughts on “Burning Bush Cutting Progress (Euonymus alata)”

  1. This is a beautiful bush but it is invasive here in Tennesee. There are better alternatives like maybe aronia. btw, I do have one in my garden and it hasn’t self seeded here but it is still listed on the Tennessee list.

    I am afraid I am giving you some work checking your comments but I haven’t found another Tennessean blog I like and can comment on. But why moderate comments? Gardeners usually aren’t mean with commenting.

  2. No problem on the comments! I’m glad you came to visit. As for the burning bushes I’m mostly just experimenting with propagation. I discovered my interest in horticulture a little late so I am re-educating myself in horticulture to some extent. My real degree is actually in music! I’ve just been fascinated whenever I find something new that works. I only have two of these planted in the ground and they are pretty small. Another gardener gave them to me, I don’t think I’d ever buy one myself.

  3. Good deal on the burning bushes. The ones you have will grow pretty quickly if they are happy-even if not I think. I actually really love mine but we don’t need any more invasives.

    What kind of music? I am a member of the Perennial Plant Society and at November’s meeting, the speaker is the head landscaper at Carnton Plantation. He is into music too. He actually wrote a book because he said he is fascinated how singers and songwriters can tell a complete story in just 2-3 minutes. I am not sure if he sings or not. His name is Justin Stelter. I just thought it was funny he was a landscaper and music/bookwriter. Do you by chance know him? Are you in the PPS? We meet the third Tuesday at Cheekwood at 6:30. Great programs! National speakers. You probably already are but if not come next month.

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