A Surprise Lurking Beneath the Ivy

When I was out and about in the yard with my daughter on Monday I made a small discovery. It was lurking beneath the overgrown ivy topiary in a planter we have had for several years. From time to time we have planted different things in the planter. Once we had ornamental grasses and another time we had bulbs. I think we even grew lettuce in it once! What I found yesterday hearkens back to the day when we had bulbs planted in it. If you look beneath the ivy in the picture above you can see on the right one kind of bulb plant and on the left another. What I’m not sure of is what we planted! I suspect crocuses (which are corms not bulbs) on the right and a daffodil on the left but I can’t be sure. It’s possible the daffodil could be a tulip.

Here are some close-up shots of the plants in question. The possible crocuses look to be about 4 or more plants ready to be divided. We’ll see for sure if and when they bloom. It’s possible they won’t bloom since their exposure to light was extremely limited before I clipped the ivy.

Here you can see the green growth from the other bulb plant. Is it a tulip or a daffodil?

What do you think crocuses and a daffodil or tulip and crocuses?

7 thoughts on “A Surprise Lurking Beneath the Ivy”

  1. I don’t think either one is a crocus. Crocuses have narrow leaves, often with a white strip down the middle. The bottom one looks like a tulip, but not one that is going to bloom. The other looks more like daffodils.

  2. Do you have grape hyacinths or scilla or chionodoxa planted, by any chance? the clump of grassy looking foliage looks like it could be one of those, just going on memory from last spring–long, long ago. The other, wider leaf is from a tulip. But as Carol says, it’s not going to bloom; you’re just as far ahead to dig it up, a little later, and dispose of it in your compost and plant fresh tulips next fall. They do that, it’s nothing you’ve done wrong.

  3. I love garden surprises….this one is a good one, not the ones where the chipmunks/squirrels have dug up all your newly planted plants.

    I took my son around the garden with me when he was a youngster. He’s in grad school, while he doesn’t garden (yet) he has a keen interest in nature.


  4. Hmm…if they aren’t crocuses I’m not really sure what they are. I don’t remember everything we’ve put in this planter before. They’re nice looking leaves and seem to be doing well for themselves at the moment. I’ll just let the tulip go for a while. I didn’t expect it to flower but I didn’t expect it to begin with!

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