A Sidewalk Garden Layout

Over the weekend I put together a garden for the opposite side of my sidewalk. Here’s the layout of the garden. I did this layout after I planted the garden and it isn’t to scale. It is roughly 18-20 inches wide and probably 25 feet long. I only used plants that I could transplant from other locations in my yard (mostly the other side of the sidewalk!) The spirea may not match the colors in this layout but it was available and needed moved. It would be easy to color coordinate it by adding some red, orange, or yellow annuals. There are actually two types of Russian sage in the garden, ‘Longin’ and ‘Little Spire’. ‘Little Spire is a little more compact than ‘Longin’ but otherwise is very similar. The salvia is from cuttings I made, they are small now but have good root systems. The lonely little petunia will be added to when it is large enough to make cuttings.

I’ll be posting the pictures from the project next!

Here are some other garden layouts and landscape plans I’ve made:

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