Snowy Owl Visits Spring Hill, TN

We’ve had an unusual visitor here in Spring Hill, TN.  A snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) flew in with the arctic air that’s been hanging over our state.  I had heard rumors of the visiting bird through the Nashville news stations (OK that’s a little more than a rumor) and set out today to investigate. My two girls and their grandma all piled in the car and drove over to the GM plant which is where the owl was said to be spending his vacation.  The first trip out to the field revealed no sign of the mysterious migrating bird.  After lunch we drove by once again and found our feathered friend frolicking in the field.  The problem was that he was so far away that all my attempts at pictures failed to produce a great shot.  My best pictures show only the little white mound of feathers. My 200 mm lens just wasn’t able to capture the owl as he was just too far away. 

These owls are also known as Arctic Owls and Great White Owls and aren’t usually found in our area.  The last reported sighting of a snowy owl in TN was in 1961.  They are predators of small rodents and other birds and are native to areas of 60 degrees latitude and further north.

If the bird is still around this weekend I may try to take a few more shots before it heads back north.  It’s made quite a stir around the southern birding community as I’ve seen posts from people in Georgia and Alabama who have come to see the Great White Owl.  If you have pictures of the Owl that you would like show everyone, email me it to me to post up here on the blog.

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13 thoughts on “Snowy Owl Visits Spring Hill, TN”

  1. Dear Dave .. the top picture isn’t downloading quite right. But the second picture has and wow ! that white stands out in the brown field !.. I have a thing for owls .. they are fascinating : )

  2. Dave,

    I know how you feel…I only have a 200mm lens. But it’s cool that he/she is here and I am going to google to see if someone has another shot of him. Thanks Gail

  3. How exciting to have an Artic owl show up at your place. I think it is so great when we are able to see an unusual bird. We occasionally will see the big pileated woodpeckers, and that is always a thrill.

    Always Growing

  4. How thrilling to have a owl and that too a snowy owl! Many a times I’ve heard that people rescued owls in our city but have never seen one myself :(. I hope the owl stays for sometime to treat you this weekend (I know I’m selfish, I hope ‘coz I can get to see more closeups of it ;))

  5. I see him! How exciting for you all! And to have found him easily enough.

    And now I have to check and see if I even have a zoom on my 5 year old camera….what’s a zoom? Just checked-it’s a whopping 132mm. It might be time for a new camera.

  6. That is so awesome to see Dave! Maybe a second trip for better viewing?… hint hint….

    We have owl in our front woods at times but I am yet to capture them with camera. I have only seen one flying by but hear them often in the fall at night time…

  7. My eleven year old son is completely intrigued by owls and his knowledge of them is somewhat uncanny. 🙂 He would love to see an owl like this. With the warmer weather I’m sure he has moved on but if anyone has spotted him recently please let me know.

    I’ll be sharing this story with my son and checking the site again for more posts if he does turn up.


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