A Weekend Working on the Vegetable Garden

What a weekend!  You don’t get weather like we had very often.  The thermometer hit the 70’s for the first time in a long while and we took advantage of it.  We spent very little time indoors, how could we?  After being cooped up in the house since fall any outside opportunity had to be taken.

So what did we do? We worked in the garden.  Or maybe on the garden would be more accurate.

I dug, the girls dug, the girls played in the sand, …

I dug, I rearranged the garden beds, the girls played in the sand, …

I dug and drilled, the youngest girl ate the sand. Hopefully not much more than a bite!

We made a good deal of headway on the garden redesign that I posted about a couple weeks ago. Most of the beds are rebuilt and rearranged.  I made an error in my calculations and ended up not being able to complete the 4’x6′ bed.  I used the pieces of wood that were intended for it on another bed.  To tally up the raised beds now we have: two 4’x8′, one 4’x6′, three 3’x4′, and one 2’x4′. I still need to assemble one 4’x6′, one 3’x4′, and three 2’x4′ beds. My battery operated drill ran out of power before I could complete a 2’x4′ bed. I just need a couple more boards to complete the raised bed garden. What a great weekend!

Can you tell we like gardening?
Photos by Jenny

20 thoughts on “A Weekend Working on the Vegetable Garden”

  1. A little sand never hurt anyone! lol, they sure are learning a lot from daddy in the yard! We had a nice weekend as well and more to come all this week! Yipee, I am having fun in the yard. Dont you just hate it when the screw driver batteries die? πŸ™‚

  2. Dave,
    I am so jealous of your beautiful weather!! Although, I can’t complain. We actually hit 40 degrees here in Vermont – haven’t seen that in awhile. : )
    After visiting your blog, I have a serious case of spring fever!!

  3. Great job with the raised bed! You’re a great dad, too!! The weather has been so nice here these past few days. It’s still the first part of February, though. It’s still Winter for quite awhile. πŸ™‚

  4. Wow you got alot done this weekend Dave! Wasn’t it wonderful having such pleasant temps? Looks like the girls enjoyed being outside helping you, lol. Hopefully they didn’t eat too much sand. πŸ˜‰

  5. Great works, Great help. Seems you got it all done with so much help. Nothing like that kind of help.
    It’s nice to have those kind of temps so early in the yr.

  6. Wonderful!

    Sorry that I’m late today, but we’ve been having sunny, WARM weather and I’ve been out in the garden, too.

    We also went out to a local nature museum today — more on that later in the week. It’s great to be outside.


  7. Oh, Dave, I think I see my future in your garden expansion.

    I installed my first garden (raised, 4'x8') a couple weeks ago. Already I'm out of room and there are so many more vegetables I would like to plant. I want watermelon by the Fourth of July and already I think I'm running behind. Also, a friend just donated a few strawberry plants and I simply don't have room for them.

    Now that I have my live streaming tomato camera running, I can get back to gardening.

    There must be room in my backyard for another raised garden plot, right?

    β€”Farmer Matt

  8. Queen of Seaford,

    Wow a pound of dirt a week? We’re way behind then!


    Whew I’m glad it’s only during their childhood!


    Thanks we like em! They just love being outside in the dirt!


    Sorry! I’m ready for spring to get here, especially since we had this warm snap. If we had snow we’d probably go sledding!


    It was a very good weekend. It did us all some good to get outside and breathe the fresh air.


    They grow like weeds! O is saying “Dada” and “Apple” now.


    One of the things I want for my birthday is a second drill. That way when one dies I’ve got a backup! I do so many projects that need a drill it would just make sense to have two, or three…


    Thanks for visiting and sorry for the illness! Spring fever only has one cure…Spring!


    I know it is probably a fleeting warm period but I’ll enjoy it just the same. I’m just hoping the weather doesn’t treat us to a cruel freeze. I may even have daffodils for February’s bloom day!


    A little sand shouldn’t hurt! After all we each sandwiches all the time…I know, bad joke!




    I bet it’s probably pretty nice down there in Florida! It’s fleeting but a welcome break.

    Thanks Sydney Plumber


    They have no choice, gardening is all around us they are completely immersed!


    I understand I was out this afternoon and a little this morning. Too nice to be indoors on a computer!

    Farmer Matt,

    There’s always room for more! We did strawberries in pots for a few years before we moved into our house. It looks like you have a good start on your beds. Raised beds are the best way to go. A live tomato cam sounds interesting!


    Yep it’s obvious isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

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