Month: April 2009

PPPP From Gail

Last year at a meeting of the Tennessee Garden Blogger Society (this does not officially exist but it seemed appropriate!) Gail brought some plant goodies to share. One of which was her Practically Perfect Pink Phlox. It’s now officially made its presence known in our garden. Thanks Gail!

Viburnum Cuttings

Today while at my in-law’s house I made a few cuttings from one of their viburnums. I’m not entirely positive about the variety but I believe it is a Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum.  Viburnums are beautiful flowering shrubs in the spring that have very few pest and disease problems. The fall color can be good …

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The Tree Line

This time of year is always very special. The leaves are coming out on all the trees and the barren treeline in the backyard becomes a lush forest of greenery.   The treeline is filled with maples, tulip poplars, sassafras and small variety of other trees.

The Entry Arbor

To say that I’m excited about the completion of our Arbor project is an understatement. In many ways it turned out better than I had hoped. From the plants we used to the materials and the design nearly everything went according to plan. Of course I spent a good deal of time before the project …

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Guess What?

If you haven’t already looked you should. The work is done, the pictures have been taken, and the post is up at  The voting won’t begin until next Friday but now you can see the results of the project! Head on over and take a look at the 48 hour Blog Challenge and see …

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