I Need Your Help!

Today is the day. The day when the challenge is evaluated by friends, family, and fellow bloggers through online voting at BHG.com and I need your help to win. The projects have been done and everyone has done a fantastic job by bringing us slick porch remodels, an elegant potting bench, a cool barbecue cart, and my personal favorite: a garden arbor. (I bet you knew which one was my favorite!) All you have to do to help this gardener is to vote once a day for the length of the contest.  In the end you might help me to win the $5000. 

I bet you’re wondering “what would Dave do with $5000?”  I can think of quite a few projects that a little influx of green would take care of, starting with my garden fence. Right now our garden is just surrounded by a 3′ tall coated wire fence to keep the rabbits out. The fence does its job fine but isn’t much to look at. A classic picket fence is just what the garden needs.

The one project that keeps coming to the forefront of all the other ideas rattling around in my brain is the ultimate gardener’s shed! A place to store all the tools of the trade and then some. Complete with a greenhouse side, front porch, and maybe even a living roof!  Those living roofs fascinate me!  Not only are they great for the environment by reducing water runoff but they look pretty darn cool! In my mind I have a plan that would harvest the leftover rainwater inside the shed for use in the greenhouse portion. Not only that, but we might actually get to park our cars in our current garden shed…the garage. That would really make my wife happy!

Of course this is all just dreaming and speculating right now. I would love to win the challenge but the odds are against me. Most of the other bloggers in the Challenge have a greater audience than I do, or at least they have more commenters. There could be quite a few silent readers out there who tend to be like me, read everything but keep quiet. Probably the craziest thing I ever did was start this blog with my introverted personality, but it was also probably one of the best things I’ve done. This blog has brought me so many great experiences and I’ve met so many great gardeners because of it.

If you can, hop onto the 48 Hour Challenge Website everyday and send me a vote. Whether I win or not the Challenge has been a great experience and I want to thank Better Homes & Gardens and The Home Depot for the opportunity to participate. I’ll be talking about the arbor in greater detail in the next couple of weeks. I’m really pleased with the result and I hope you believe it’s worthy of your support!

Edit: If you go to the BHG.com site and can’t find the voting area just check back later in the day.  It should be up soon. This edit will self-destruct after voting goes live!  

Voting is live!

18 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!”

  1. Dave, I just came from the BH&G "48 Hour Challenge Website" and didn't see a place to cast my vote. Do you have to create an account in order to vote?

  2. Not that I’m aware of TC. I just checked and it looks like the voting isn’t up yet. Check back later in the day and it should be up! Thanks TC!

  3. Okay Dave, I’ll be sure to check back today, and tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and … ;~)

  4. OFB,

    Thanks! I like luck, let’s hope it likes me!


    It goes through May until the first part of June although I don’t know the last day. It should be on the voting post when it appears.

  5. Hi Dave, I went there to vote for you also, but could not figure out how. Will check back later and good luck! All your dreams for the winnings sound great.

  6. Dave, Your arbor is just beautiful! Now if I could just convince my husband to build something like this for me. Or maybe I could learn how…but first I’d have to learn how to drive a nail:)

    I came by way of Gail’s so she is spreading the word; I’ll check out the BHG website and be sure to cast a vote for you. Good luck!

  7. BEAUTIFUL TRELLIS – Arbor! I can see some honeysuckle growing on it soon! LOL

    I am heading over to cast my vote for ya.

    Happy May to you in the garden.

  8. Did finally get to vote for you, but others be wary….make sure you are on Dave’s page before you submit a vote. They don’t have a very clear vote capability. You go to the 48 hour Blog Challenge and a little popup window opens with a ‘word verification’ then you click the word vote….DON’T DO IT UNLESS YOU ARE ON DAVE”S PROJECT!!! The contest page opens to someone else’s project.

  9. Thank you Rose! I bet you could put this arbor together. The old rule measure twice cut once is a great one. Just make sure you don’t get that backwards!

    Thanks Bren, happy May to you!

    Thanks Phillip!


    They have it on a random setting so that voters might be forced to look at each others projects instead of just going over to vote for their favorite. Of course they can always just look for their favorite! Like you said, just make sure you see the arbor before you lock in your vote! Thanks a bunch Janet!

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