Are You Ready For Spring Gardening?

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for spring. Notice I said spring not spring gardening. I haven’t done everything I need to do to get ready for the new gardening season but I’m already lamenting the cold temperatures that we are destined to have for the next two months (January and February). When March comes we usually have some nice days mixed in with the cool ones but until then we’ll just have to bear the frigid temperatures, cold winds, and snow. Oh did I say snow? We’ll see about that one! But now it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for spring gardening. There’s always something to think about while the garden and gardener is dormant during the winter.

Here are three things I do to get ready for spring gardening:

1) Analyze. I don’t make any formal analysis of anything but I take note of the things that worked and the things that didn’t. It would be very helpful to write these things down so I can avoid them but I usually don’t. Even if I did I would probably forget where I wrote them down! Generally I can keep the major things in my head. I take note of strange ideas like never plant more than 2 cherry tomato plants or never allow a tomato plant volunteer to grow where it wants!

2) Plan, plan, plan, and plan. I scheme and I plot. Sometimes my planning evolves around point one (Analyze) and other times my planning is based off of ideas I’ve seen on garden blogs, magazines or just out of some crazy notion in my head. I try to think about what I want, where I want it, and how to get there. I try to think about my vegetable garden and what raised beds to add each year. I make quite a few lists when planning in one of my notebooks. My project list for 2009  is one example of a list I made.  I’ll review it later in the month to sum up the 2009 gardening season.

3) Decide on my seeds! This is the biggest task and probably the most fun. I check each seed catalog multiple times trying to see what I like, what I need, and what I want. It’s mostly vegetables that I look for but all seeds are fair game. This year I’ll be targeting heirlooms for many reasons but mostly so that I can save the seed each year and reduce my future gardening expenses.

I know this post is early but I couldn’t resist. I was looking back at pictures from this spring and suddenly all I could think of was spring…and winter isn’t even here yet!

Have you started planning for Gardening in 2010 yet?

9 Replies to “Are You Ready For Spring Gardening?”

  1. Not yet Dave, but it's never too early. We can dream a bit too. I like to look at those seed catalogs also.
    My space is limited, my energy short but I do like to try.

  2. Oh , i know where you are , I am so ready to get out there and work again , My husband splurged and got me the heirloom master gardener kit from
    I am so very ready to get to work !!

    winter is so very far from being over yet though. 🙁

  3. Only on my dreams!

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  5. Dear Dave .. I think you got spammed here .. oops ! Those guys are ready to pounce the second you let your guard down !
    Spring planning .. I was so bad this Autumn .. usually I would write down all the changes I want to make and I never got to that .. so now , after Xmas .. in the dead dullness of January when I start the real deal planning … I won't have those points to remind me .. darn !
    Your steps are very logical and useful .. even though each year I swear off seeds .. well , I cave in during cabin fever .. what can I say ? LOL

  6. Your information you share is wonderful. I can't wait to get in the dirt this spring… better yet … I can't wait to attend the shows and find out what is new for this year!

    Enjoy the HOliday Garden Friend.

  7. Yes, let's think about spring! I am all for it. There are bulb tips showing already, and nothing has been cut down yet. We need to get on it or we will be smashing those emerging tips. We did make the seed order yesterday after receiving the Baker Creek catalog. I like to give them the business but my orders are so impulsive, when the seeds arrive it is a total surprise. HA 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh, Dave, spring already and it's not even Christmas! This is too much pressure! I got my Baker Creek heirloom seed and Worm's Way catalogues a couple of days ago, but have vowed not to open them until I write and mail all my Christmas cards. Sob!!! But if that's not motivation to get the cards in the mail, I don't know what is…

  9. We've had such mild weather the last couple of days it feels like Spring. I was out today planning on how I'm going to enlarge a flower bed and even started my Spring to do list. I love the planning as much as the doing.

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