Great Home Gardens: An Italian Garden

A few weeks ago an email came in my box asking me a question about propagating irises. I answered the question then received a picture of the questioning gardener’s garden. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. Climbing roses mixed with many varieties of perennials create a living painting in Ennio’s backyard. And did I mention that it’s in Venice, Italy? Isn’t that the amazing thing about the world we live in today – we can visit any garden anywhere a camera has been without even leaving the room! But I have to say that being in the garden would be much better than just gawking at the pictures but today I’ll do the next best thing to being there, I’ll show you Ennio’s photos of his Italian garden and we can gawk together. He’s been gardening for 13 years and the photos you are about to see are of his 2 year old garden that was developed through transplants from his previous gardens.

Great Home Gardens from The Home Garden

Thank you Ennio for sharing your garden!

I hope to make virtual garden tours a regular part of The Home Garden.  When I have submissions I’ll post them on the weekends. If you have garden photos that you would like me to show in a similar format here at The Home Garden just email me the photos at along with some cool, interesting, or just plain nifty information about your garden! Keep in mind that by sending me the pictures you are giving me permission to host them here and say whatever I want about them – don’t worry, I’ll be nice!

4 thoughts on “Great Home Gardens: An Italian Garden”

  1. Dave, what a great blog, so well put together, I am really enjoying my time here.

    Sorry but I can't get the photo to load, too bad I was so looking forward to seeing it.

    Loved the post on raised gardens, I have dreams of them, as soon as we get our farm.


  2. Pretty garden. I love Italy! Sharing garden ideas is so wonderful and that's why I love gardening forums so much. This is similar to what I do with my "Garden Inspirations" stories where I feature another garden, a personal one, or public one.


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