Signs of Spring and Greenhouse Updates

Sometimes looking at plants from above just makes you think of more winter, more cold, more rain, more sleet , more snow…

…but if you look underneath you just might find a little bit more to look forward to!

Greenhouse Update:

I completed some work with some concrete blocks and set up an area for my mowers and general shed-storage area. You can read about it and see the pictures at: Blocks, Bricks, and Floor.

9 thoughts on “Signs of Spring and Greenhouse Updates”

  1. We know they're hiding in there – waiting for their big entance. Congratulations on your greenhouse progress. It all looks very professional.

  2. Thanks Helen!

    Signs are beginning to hearken the coming of spring. It won't be long!


    I'm definitely looking forward to it! Today's another warm day so hopefully I'll get something else accomplished.

    Thanks Darla,

    A little more time and it will get finished.


    Me too, but mostly I'm looking forward to it being completed!

  3. Unfortunately, any sign of spring is probably a good two months away here in Nova Scotia, though we've had a pretty decent winter……so far. That's why it's nice to be able to visit others' blogs and see these hopeful signs of spring! Kudos on your greenhouse progress!

  4. We've got signs of Spring here. Snow bells are up but not blooming yet. I haven't been able to get out in the garden yet to really see what is going on. I did notice my Forsythia is in bud. First yr for it to bloom {if it does} for me. I've only had it since last yr.

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