The Return of Warmth

This week marked the return of warm temperatures to Tennessee. Last Sunday was beautiful, the kind of day you can wear short sleeve shirts and start thinking about grilling out. Monday was even better then the rains came but the warmth was still there. This weekend brings us to a little cold front that tagged along with the rains or perhaps the other way around. It’s temporary and the warmer temperatures will become increasingly regular as we move ahead. The warm weather definitely made gardening chores much more bearable and in fact – exciting – there’s a gardener’s perspective for you! I accomplished many things this week but still need to do many, many more.

What’s on the big garden to-do list this weekend?

  • The greenhouse – hopefully I’ll play inside it working on insulating the walls – putting on a few internal walls – and maybe building a shelf to hold some plants.
  • More on the greenhouse – Put on more siding – having a half finished layer of siding is driving me nuts – of course I could look at from the other perspective: the siding is half done!
  • Build another raised bed – still on the to-do list. One of these days…
  • Fill the raised bed – with a variety of layers.
  • Work on the lawnmower – it’s time to do any pre-spring lawnmower maintenance – especially if you were lazy in the fall like me. Sharpen the blades, check the oil – replace it, check spark-plugs, write a post about it, and please don’t blow it up.
  • Take lots of Pictures – The daffodils are almost in bloom!

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Sunday March 7, 2010

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Monday March 8, 2010

  • My Greenhouse Roof Re-do Project.  I attempted to solve some leaky issues on my roof window. It has a few leaks that need caulked but its performance is greatly improved.

Tuesday March 9, 2010

Wednesday March 10, 2010


Thursday March 11, 2010


Friday March 12, 2010

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8 thoughts on “The Return of Warmth”

  1. Dear Dave .. you made me really laugh with the "Please don't blow up" part of the lawn mower .. every time my husband tries to start that and the snow blower we all scatter in different directions .. it is too funny : )
    We have rain here this weekend but I did get my garden chores done with removing the leaf litter from all of the beds .. phew !
    Joy : )

  2. Wow, Dave, you make me tired just looking at all you're going to accomplish this weekend, let alone this week. I think I'll go back to bed to rest up for working outside later today, AFTER it warms up a little. No warm temperatures here (hovering around 32 F/0 C at the moment) but still sunny so the snow continues to retreat, little by little.
    Let me join with you in entreating the lawn mower to please not blow up! I hate it when that happens.

  3. I dont get to comment very often …always in such a rush…but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy seeing your email in my box and coming to read here. Lots of good stuff and inspiring to get things done myself. It is Autumn in Tasmania Australia and I have been taking cuttings. I dont normally do that until the end of Winter. My to do list is a bit long too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Warm enough to grill out? Fainheart, I have an old carhart coat disreputable thing covered in grease and bbq sauce. I grill out all year long, but Wednesday we will put the taters in the ground, yukon gold is my favorite.

  5. Joy,

    My best advice for those who play with power tools – think! If I had I might have avoided the lawnmower fire. I won't do that again!


    Today was a little cooler than I hoped – down in the 50's. I still got out to the greenhouse to put some insulation on the solid walls.


    It won't be long here and they may already be blooming. I don't have any magnolias here, I like the deciduous ones best.


    Thanks for your comment! While your season is winding down we're just getting started. This world wide web thing is pretty amazing!


    You know I really have no good excuse why I haven't grilled much this year over the winter! I guess I tend to do more soups and spaghetti in the winter than during the summer. I'll be planting taters too – 'Yukon Gold' is the potato for us too!

  6. Whew, what a list Dave. I'm tired already & it's time for
    I just had to laugh at the "blow up" mower situation. That will cause a burst of laughter ever time I hear it.
    Yukon Gold & Russet is what I went with this yr. They are showing their little green tops already. Some radish up after that last rain.
    Got my whiskey barrels moved today so I can transplant my dwarf citrus trees. Got to move a couple roses first before I put the barrels where I want them. I will transplant the trees tomorrow if it don't pour down rain.

  7. It's warmed up a might here too Dave. But I'm afraid I'll have quite a long wait before I can attempt an entry into the garden. On the way to the compost heap today the ground felt like a wet sponge!

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