Oops, I Missed One!

In my last post about the irises of May in my garden I showed you several of my irises. Today a new one opened up that we just planted this spring. It’s also a hand me down and has no real identity but it’s nifty to look at!

I planted it with several others in front of the garden shed. (I really need to update you on it’s progress soon.) So far this iris is the first of the new irises to bloom.

5 thoughts on “Oops, I Missed One!”

  1. Your early iris looks just like the unnamed one that came with our house, probably of the same late-1920s vintage. If so, it's tough and reliable, even if it must go nameless.

  2. Dave, novice gardener here and eager to share photos of my first iris crop experience posted on my website http://www.artbyjune.net under "from the art."

    Found your blog when doing a search on hiding daffodil stems. Helpful. Thanks, June

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