Mr. Tomato, Sphinx Moth, and a Garden Fresh Pizza

Please forgive the randomness of my title for today’s post.  It’s hard to sum up a weekend in just a few words!  Weekends are always busy times in the garden when the weather is as beautiful as it has been.  Sunday’s humidity was a bit high in anticipation of the rain that’s falling on the rooftop at this moment, but otherwise the weather was sunny with occasional clouds with temperatures in the 80’s – great gardening weather!

In the garden on Saturday we harvested a good batch of tomatoes.  They were mostly Amish paste tomatoes which were destined to become our dinner in the form of pizza!  I skipped a step on my pizza making and completely left off the sauce in favor of sliced tomatoes.  After the dough was rolled out I put a little olive oil on the dough then layered it with tomatoes to completely cover the pizza. It tastes pretty good and is a good option if you don’t have time to go through all the pizza sauce making process.  I added some basil on top along with several other toppings.

While I cooked pizza our friend Mr. Tomato watched. He was a good friend and we appreciated his presence in the next two pizzas!

We also discovered a sphinx moth resting above our front door.  Sphinx moths are one of the nighttime pollinators for moonflowers which we have growing on our front porch.  His camouflage would have perfectly hidden him from my view had he been on a tree.  However it isn’t so effective on vinyl siding!

Among other garden business from the weekend I prepared and planted a new propagation bed for daylilies and irises.  It’s about 12 feet long and four feet wide.  I show it to you later in the week.  There are almost 40 daylily and iris divisions planted there at the moment.  While I still have room for more plants I will need to add more rows very soon.

My next Lowe’s Creative Ideas project is coming up.  This month the theme is Mum’s!  I need to find and interesting way to display some mums.

Looking ahead at the fall season I still have a lot to do including cleaning up the summer vegetable garden, planting my fall vegetable garden, putting together some new raised beds, and even putting up a small greenhouse.  If only time could freeze so I could get it all done!

Don’t forget that the 2012 Fall Color project is underway!  I’ll be posting tomorrow with a logo you can share on your blog to help get the word out and I’ll be telling you about a cool prize worth almost $100 that we’ll be giving away to a Fall Color Project participant!  Get ready to share your fall colors!