Just Dreaming of Summer Tomatoes

By far my favorite plant from the vegetable garden is the tomato.  I don’t buy them from the stores if I can help it as there is very little flavor to be found in store bought tomatoes.  Fresh from the garden is how a tomato should be.  Today on a gray overcast winter day I’m looking back at the tomatoes of the past from my garden.  Those fresh garden tomatoes can’t come soon enough for me!

Roma tomatoes are excellent for making tomato paste or sauce.  Of course we’ll happily make sauce from just about any tomato from our garden.


‘Cherokee Purple’ tomatoes are delicious for slicing and eating.  The ‘Cherokee Purple’ tomatoes even have a Tennessee connection.

Cherokee Purple

The ‘Woodle Orange’ tomato is one of the most delicious tomatoes we’ve ever grown. It’s my number one for slicing!

Woodle Orange
‘Red Zebra’ tomatoes have interesting striping but I didn’t like the flavor as much as other tomatoes we’ve grown. Flavor matters!
Red Zebra

‘T.C Jones’ is the yellow tomato in the upper left corner of the picture.  I’ll grow it again! It was almost as tasty as ‘Woodle Orange’.

T.C. Jones (yellow tomato) and other assorted tomatoes!

I love seeing pictures like this! 
‘Yellow Pear’ tomatoes self-sow in our garden as do the cherry tomatoes.  Once you plant cherry tomatoes you’ll never need to plant them again!
Are you ready for fresh garden tomatoes yet?