A Quick Update from the Garden

This week has been eventful. I haven’t been able to post much about the garden due to the happenings here but I did want to catch everyone up on how things are growing.  Here’s a quick update on the garden.

The beans are climbing the bamboo trellis I put together.  I gathered it up from a roadside where someone had left it for the city to come by and remove.  I figured I could make good use of them as a bean tee-pee.  It will look more impressive as the beans climb their way to the top.

Our lavender is having its best show ever this year.  The honeybees are happy to have it around.  I would bet that the honey they make would be very good from lavender flowers.  I have noticed a drop off in the amount of bees in my garden this year although perhaps their number is rising as the season progresses.  Many beekeepers have reported significant losses in our area due to the cold weather and late frosts as well as other factors. Avoid the pesticides please!

The daylilies have begun their blooming in our garden.  Here are a few but I’ll post again with a more daylily specialized post later.

I cleaned off the porch the other day.  My Coral Red honeysuckle was getting out of hand.  I think I need to move it permanently to another location.  I guess that means I need to build another arbor or a fence.

The farmers market business I have selling plants is doing great.  My income is much higher than it was last year which I believe has to do with what I’ve produce for the market.  I grew more heirloom vegetables and herbs than I did ornamentals.

But by far the most important update isn’t actually in the garden…at least not yet.  One day I’m sure she will be.  Meet my newest daughter Marian!

Both baby and mother are doing great!

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