Every garden has transitions.  From the house to the garden, from one garden area to another, even within an established area a garden be transitioning from the sun to the shade, from one color to another or from one type of planting to another.  Then there are seasonal transitions.  Spring takes over from winter, summer from spring, autumn from summer, and winter from fall then the cycle begins again. Inside each season are transitions too.  The most significant transitions occur in spring and fall but all seasons have change.

This isn’t a typical garden post for this garden blog. I don’t often share things from my personal life but as my life does affect this blog significantly I wanted to share a couple things. Don’t worry, nothing too crazy is happening around here but we are undergoing some transitions.  We had the good fortune to be able to keep my wife at home for the past two months on maternity leave.  As a family we spent a lot of time together welcoming in the new baby girl. We had a good summer together and there was more time available for gardening since both of us were home. This week my wife went back to work again and this Stay-at-Home Dad has been transitioning.  We have four children.  One is going back to school, another is going to school for the first time, my son is three, and of course there is the baby. Children cause many transitions!

For the last couple weeks we’ve been getting ready for these transitions but it will be a few more weeks before we completely adjust to them.  Which is why it is relevant to this blog post today.  I’ll still be posting, still be gardening, and still on social media but my time right now is at a premium.  My focus over the next few weeks and beyond will always on the kids and the family. My posting may be erratic and less frequent but I’m not going anywhere. The garden will find its way in!

Please bear with me as I figure out my posting schedule for Growing The Home Garden.  I’ll certainly be sharing my gardening adventures, chores, and advice with you but for the next couple weeks I have less time available for gardening. Watching over a 2 month old baby is a full time job!

Everything transitions.  Thank you for following this blog, for your continued interest in gardening, and for understanding our transitions!

4 thoughts on “Transitions”

  1. Beautiful Family, I completely understand.. Priorities are the family, Happy Transitioning & Many Blessings To You & Your Family..
    PS…. I Love Your Purdue Hat, My Son Is A Graduate..

  2. Great post, Dave, and great pictures. You are a skilled gardener but also are an amazing father. Good luck to you as you figure out your "new" normal.


  3. Lovely post Dave. That post is just as important as others to remind all of us what is important. Thank you for all you do. And enjoy your lovely family!

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