April in a Tennessee Garden

It’s another beautiful spring morning here in Tennessee and I thought I would share a little of the garden with you so you could see what is growing.  Yesterday was in the 70’s and the rest of the week is predicted to be the same which is simply perfect springtime weather.  We all deserve a little bit of perfect spring weather after this winter!  

First here are the daffodils!  Daffodils are very easy to grow and deer resistant.  They’re one of the first flowers in spring that we get to enjoy.  

The flowering spring trees are beginning to break their buds.  Here is a ‘Yoshino’ cherry which is probably my favorite flowering tree of all flowering trees!

Dogwoods are beautiful trees too.  It looks like this dogwood will be blooming for use for the first time this year. This dogwood is one called ‘Constellation’.  It’s a hybrid of a Cornus kousa and Cornus florida that I planted in 2010 as a balled and burlap tree.  Normally I buy trees and plants in pots but we wanted something a little larger to start with in this location.

Of course some trees are already blooming, like this ‘Bonfire’ peach situated right off the patio.

The cilantro is finally starting to come back.  It’s a cool weather herb but really did not enjoy the cold winter we had this year.  Usually in the winter I can harvest cilantro anytime I need it.  This year it was scarce. We love to use cilantro in guacamole.  You can find a recipe for my guacamole if you follow the previous link!

The catmint never fails to grow beautifully!  

This penstemon is coming along nicely.  It won’t take long for it to produce some beautiful bell shaped flowers. Penstemon is a great perennial for the bees and hummingbirds, they love the flowers!

And lastly the lawn is looking greener and more full each day.  It is a natural lawn with no unnatural pesticides or fertilizers.  If you would like to see how I grow my lawn you can read this post about growing a natural lawn.  I don’t believe the chemicals are necessary!

What’s happening in your garden?