Troy-Bilt CORE Review – String and Hedge Trimmers

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to test out products from Troy-Bilt. Overall I’ve been very impressed with the quality and the power that they have produced for lawn equipment. Five years later years I still zip around and mow my 1.5 acre yard with the RZT (0 Turn Mower) and have really enjoyed that fact that I never have to mix gas with my current Troy-Bilt weed eater. Soon I’ll be going to the vegetable garden to turn it under (or around) with the vertical axis tiller very soon for the fall. All of those products have been great! A few weeks ago they asked me to test something new: The Troy-Bilt CORE line of lawn and garden products. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about electric/battery powered tools since the gasoline versions always seem to have more power, however that opinion was before I tested the string and hedge trimmers from the CORE line! (Disclaimer: Troy-Bilt provided these to me at no cost to test and report about).

Troy-Bilt CORE Products:

What is really neat about this new line of battery operated power tools is that the motor is located where the action is. That reduces power loss that may have occurred with the motor near the user end of the tool. The motor is much better designed than a typical motor as well. (See the video I’ve embedded into this post to find out more about the motor.) Each of the CORE tools came with a battery charger for the 40V batteries that supply power to the tools. The charger charges fast and the batteries have indicators which let you know how much power is left.

I used the hedge trimmer some to clear some blackberry vines that had gotten to overgrown on our hillside. It sliced through the brambles very easily. The only downside was the overall weight of the trimmer, it was a little heavy but anything comparable will be.

I’ll use the trimmer more after the plants go dormant or in the spring so I’ll have to wait on them for right now. Trimming plants now may encourage new growth until dormancy. For now I’ll use it to clear out more of the brambles on our slope. (Amazon Aff. Link to the Troy-Bilt CORE Hedge Trimmer)

For an extra boost of power for tough jobs you can hit the boost button on the string trimmer from Troy-Bilt CORE!

After multiple outings in the yard I found that I REALLY like the String Trimmer from CORE. I was amazed at the power that was pumping through from the battery.  The weight and balance were excellent. The angle and position of the shaft were adjustable. What is really nice about this tool (from a gardener’s perspective) is that I could stop the trimmer anytime I wanted, then just pick it up again, and with the push of a button resume trimming. The CORE strong trimmer was perfect for cleaning up the remains of the vegetable garden and for stopping and weeding any garden bed I might be trimming near. This battery operated string trimmer will be replacing my gas powered version! (Amazon Aff Link to the Troy-Bilt CORE String Trimmer)

With either of these products I don’t need to use gas for power. It makes it much more convenient to just grab out of the garage and go trim the yard as needed. It had plenty of battery life to get the trimmer done around my 1.5 acre yard. A full charge on the battery never ran out of power before I was finished. That included trimming around the street, the house, multiple garden beds, the vegetable garden, around my shed, and a few other locations.

Here’s video highlighting the CORE line of products from Troy-Bilt: