Growing Oak Leaf Hydrangeas From Seed

I did a video a while back on Youtube about collecting oak leaf hydrangeas from seed. I thought since now is the ideal time to start collecting those seeds again I would go ahead and direct sow some oak leaf hydrangeas from seed. Below you can watch a short video of the flat I put together but it is a really simple process.

Growing Oak Leaf Hydrangea from Seed

The Procedure for Growing Oak Leaf Hydrangeas from Seed

I used a pair of 1020 flats but any container will work. One has holes in it and the other does not. I nested the flat with holes inside the solid 1020 flat and filled the flat with soil. I took the flat over to my oak leaf hydrangea plant and pull the dried seed heads off of the plant. I used about 3 to 4 different seed heads and sprinkled them into the flat. Afterwards I watered the flat and covered with a clear plastic lid and put under lights in my garage.


Hopefully we’ll see some good germination! I’ll keep the seeds moist until germination then I’ll remove the lid. The lid is there to keep the humidity high for good germination. I think the biggest challenge with sowing these seeds will be overwintering them which is why I’ll save some more oak leaf hydrangea seeds and plant them again in the spring.

I’ll update you on the seeds as they come along.