The Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato

This year one of the tomato varieties I decided to grow was the ‘Tasmanian Chocolate’ tomato. It’s a determinate variety that is well suited for growing in pots. It’s determinant and grows to about 3 feet tall, at least the plant I grew did in my trial this year. I did three short videos that follow the various stages of the plant through the summer. Check them out below!

Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato Part 1

Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato Part 2

Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato Part 3

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What are Determinate Tomatoes and Indeterminate Tomatoes?

Determinate Tomatoes:

also known as Bush Tomatoes. Grow to about 3-4 feet in height and set fruit all at one time after the top flower bud forms fruit. Determinate tomatoes do not always require staking but precautionary staking may be useful as the weight of the fruit can often cause the plant to lean off balance.

Indeterminate Tomatoes:

Continue to grow until killed frost or disease. They will form flowers and set fruit continuously throughout the season. Will need staking, trellising, or cages as well as pruning to maintain a manageable height.