Aug 252019

Visiting The Home Land

Visiting The Home Land

Out family still doesn’t have a name for where our future home will be built so for now I’ll just call it generically the Home Land. At least it is kind of related to Growing The Home Garden right? The other day I stopped by and did some maintenance work on the property – aka mowing.

My goal was simple, cut back the tall grasses to keep the building site trimmed while also trimming the pathways so we can get around where we need to go.

It was a challenge. The last time I was out the belt on my mower broke and I left the job unfinished. This visit the belt failed again but I had the majority of what I needed to cut done before the belt came off.

I shot some video for you highlighting the features on the land. It really is like a nature preserve right now with tons of butterflies, animal trails, signs of wildlife everywhere. Check it out in this video on Youtube!


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