May 2020 Garden Tour from Growing The Home Garden

Every now and then it’s good to take an overall look around the garden and see how it is doing. Through modern technology we can record it all and one day go back to explore and see how things have changed. With that in mind here is a video of my garden as it appears at the very end of May 2020. It’s been an interesting year to say the least! For your reference so you can see what timing is like in my garden compared to your garden I’m in Middle Tennessee in a zone 7 hardiness zone. Thank you for watching and if you enjoyed this please consider subscribing to my gardening channel on YouTube.

In Case you Would Like to skip to a certain section here are the timestamps to click to.

00:00:25 – Coreopsis, catmint, crape myrtle updates
00:01:55 – Red poppies
00:03:10 – Switch grass ‘Heavy Metal’
00:03:20 – Purple Smoke Tree ‘Grace’
00:03:46 – Viburnum nudum ‘Brandywine’
00:04:36 – Arbor with Grape Vine
00:05:06 – ‘Forest Pansy’ Redbud
00:06:07 – Oak Leaf Hydrangea
00:06:36 – Hostas
00:08:12 – ‘Black and Blue’ Salvia
00:08:57 – Covering blueberries
00:09:36 – Vegetable Garden
00:10:52 – Zucchini and Yellow Squash
00:11:01 – Squash Vine Borer
00:12:21 – Peppers

00:13:09 – Peppers and Slugs
00:13:35 – Sweet Potatoes and Peppers
00:14:18 – Flea Beetles/Potato in Raised Beds Planting Update
00:17:13 – Melon Seedlings
00:15:53 – Atomic Orange Corn Update
00:16:26 – Metal Raised Bed with Daikon Radishes
00:17:40 – Fig Tree and Hibiscus grown from cuttings
Basil: Red Rubin and Cinnamon
00:18:30 – Hot Pepper Plants Outside of the Vegetable Garden
00:18:55 – Trombetta Squash
00:19:47 – Dappled Willows
00:20:00 – Quick Compost Bin Build
00:21:11 – Red Buckeye Update
00:22:03 – Japanese Maple is ALIVE!
00:22:44 – Germaine’s Gyration Japanese Maple

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