Transitions in the Garden

Every garden changes and goes through transitions. Some are simply seasonal transitions that will happen every year. We know about these seasonal transitions and are able to adapt and to some extent predict them. Spring changes to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter, and back again to spring. We…Continue Reading

Planting Rhododendron – Florence Parks

I’ve always thought that in order to have a garden with year round interest some plants need to be planted in every season. The plants you see in the nurseries are typically presented in their prime season (unless you are talking vegetables in which case they could be out several…Continue Reading

Planning Ahead For Spring

This time of year all of us gardeners are probably thankful for a little break. Winter can be a time to regenerate, rest, and plan for next year. While it isn’t technically winter yet the weather we have received in Tennessee certainly feels like it. (We had 18 degree F…Continue Reading

Propagating Arborvitae from Cuttings

Have you ever considered propagating arborvitae from cuttings? It’s an easy and fun way to make more plants. Arborvitae can make a great privacy screen. The techniques in the video below can be used for any variety of arborvitae. If you prefer a text version of the instructions just look…Continue Reading


Red Buckeye Seeds: Gathering and Planting

One of the most beautiful trees we have in the Spring is the Red Buckeye, Aesculus pavia. In the fall it produces seed pods which you can gather and plant to grow more red buckeye trees. Last year the squirrels beat me to it but not this year! Here’s a…Continue Reading

Visiting The Home Land

Highlights and video from a recent visit to our land. It’s like a nature preserve with butterflies, turkey, and signs of wildlife all over. I also checked the pawpaw trees for ripe fruit.

Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato

The Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato

This year one of the tomato varieties I decided to grow was the ‘Tasmanian Chocolate’ tomato. It’s a determinate variety that is well suited for growing in pots. It’s determinant and grows to about 3 feet tall, at least the plant I grew did in my trial this year. I…Continue Reading