Blank Slate

It will be fun to think of what next year’s growing season will bring. The yard here is pretty much a blank slate still. I’ve done a few things, like making a garden bed or two, making a bird bath garden, and added trees but there is a lot left to do to fit my vision of what this yard could be. Everyday I can think of a new thing to add to the landscape. Today I started thinking about a small herb garden bordered with stone in the front yard near our walkway. I’ll add that one to my to do list. Over in the right column of my blog I have the “Ever-Growing List.” It’s my to do list that just keeps growing, kind of like kudzu. As I knock off jobs I’ll talk about them and post pictures of the process.

I’m looking forward to starting on the raised beds for my vegetable garden. This past year all I could do was plant some potted tomatoes and peppers which never amounted to much. Our house was fixer upper and much of our time and expense went into making it habitable. With the vegetable garden raised beds are definitely the way to go. I helped my parents build some a couple years ago and their veggies have produced more than they could eat.

What I’m planning will be a 2 year process. This first year I will build the basic wood frame out of 2″x8″ boards. I plan on having 4 4’x6′ beds and 2 4’x4′ beds. I’ll set them up into 2 “L” shapes. The second year I’ll expand them to 16″ tall. At least that is my current plan.

My next project will have to be planting the Arbor Day trees I ordered. The trees are only shipped when dormant so I haven’t seen them yet but I can’t wait to get them in the ground!