Starting Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas from Seed

It’s the seed starting time of the year! This is probably where I have the most fun gardening. I get to imagine the possibilities! This week I started Oregon Sugar Pod II peas by presoaking. It only took a few days after planting until I had germination from the first…Continue Reading

Pruning a Japanese Dappled Willow Severely

I love our Japanese dappled willow hedgeline but in reality it is way overdue for a pruning. In fact 2 of the shrubs were completely dead. That was mostly due to the ever changing conditions in the garden. As the nearby birch trees grew they shaded out the smaller shrub…Continue Reading

My Favorite Tomato and Pepper Varieties

It’s getting close now. Can you feel it? Seed starting time! In preparation for my seed starting activities of 2020 I thought it would be fun to tell you about my favorite tomato and pepper varieties for Growing The Home Garden. In this video I go through some of my…Continue Reading

filling up raised beds with woodchips

Filling a Raised Bed Garden with Woodchips

Last year I built two new wooden raised beds for my vegetable garden. After building them I needed a way to fill them up with soil. Since I already had a pile of wood chips in the front yard from a tree trimmer I thought why not use them? As…Continue Reading

Thinking About The Future Vegetable Garden

Recently I went over to our property and filmed a short video showing where our vegetable garden could eventually be. It’s fun to imagine the good that the future holds but at the same time it’s frustrating that we aren’t already digging in that dirt! I have all kinds of…Continue Reading

Transitions in the Garden

Every garden changes and goes through transitions. Some are simply seasonal transitions that will happen every year. We know about these seasonal transitions and are able to adapt and to some extent predict them. Spring changes to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter, and back again to spring. We…Continue Reading

Planting Rhododendron – Florence Parks

I’ve always thought that in order to have a garden with year round interest some plants need to be planted in every season. The plants you see in the nurseries are typically presented in their prime season (unless you are talking vegetables in which case they could be out several…Continue Reading

Planning Ahead For Spring

This time of year all of us gardeners are probably thankful for a little break. Winter can be a time to regenerate, rest, and plan for next year. While it isn’t technically winter yet the weather we have received in Tennessee certainly feels like it. (We had 18 degree F…Continue Reading