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Thank you visiting Growing The Home Garden. I began this gardening website in 2007 as a fun way to share my gardening experiences and since then have added nearly 2000 different posts on gardening topics from Vegetable Gardening and Raised Beds to Plant Propagation. Thank you for reading and I hope this page helps you to grow a beautiful and productive home garden. – Dave

Essential Beginning Gardener Tools

This year with the advent of the virus many people found themselves with time to spend in their gardens. Which means that a lot of new gardeners have started gardening for the very first time. As a beginner gardener it can be overwhelming and there can be a ton of questions. What plants to grow? … Essential Beginning Gardener Tools Read More »
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How to Propagate Boxwoods from Cuttings

Boxwoods are great plants to use to creating a formal garden look. They (Buxus) have been used throughout gardens across the world to make formal hedges, accents, boxwood standards, evergreen backdrops, and more. When you plant boxwoods in your home landscape you can use the same landscape design concepts to enhance your home garden. The … How to Propagate Boxwoods from Cuttings Read More »
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May 2020 Garden Tour from Growing The Home Garden

Every now and then it’s good to take an overall look around the garden and see how it is doing. Through modern technology we can record it all and one day go back to explore and see how things have changed. With that in mind here is a video of my garden as it appears … May 2020 Garden Tour from Growing The Home Garden Read More »
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Scuffle Hoe, Stirrup Hoe, Hula Hoe

One of my favorite tools that I use in my garden is the scuffle hoe. That’s what I call it at least but it goes by other names like the stirrup hoe or hula hoe and even action hoe. The scuffle hoe is something you absolutely will love having and using in the garden. I … Scuffle Hoe, Stirrup Hoe, Hula Hoe Read More »
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Raised Bed Gardening

Plant Propagation for Home Gardens

Here is a list of topics about propagating plants for your home landscape. The first four posts have some important information on…

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How to Grow Ginkgo Trees from Seed

Ginkgo trees are beautiful and amazing trees. These trees (Ginkgo biloba) are native to Asia and can be extremely long lived, as in over 1,000 years! In fact the ginkgo species existed at the same time as the dinosaurs. Ginkgo trees are also called the Maidenhair tree and have fan shaped leaves. In the fall … How to Grow Ginkgo…
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Pruning and Propagating a Japanese Dappled Willow

Yet again I found myself taking more cuttings of a Japanese dappled willow (Salix integra). Sometimes I just can’t help myself. Or maybe I do help myself? Whatever the case I brought home with us a bunch of willow branches for propagating. They came off of the sides of the mother plant because it had … Pruning and Propagating a…
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Seed Sowing 101: How to Start Your Seeds Right

Seed Sowing 101: How To Start Your Seeds Right! Welcome to Seed Sowing 101! This page is a collection of information from Growing …

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