Oct 152019

Propagating Arborvitae from Cuttings

Have you ever considered propagating arborvitae from cuttings? It’s an easy and fun way to make more plants. Arborvitae can make a great privacy screen. The techniques in the video below can be used for…Continue Reading

Aug 252019

Visiting The Home Land

Highlights and video from a recent visit to our land. It’s like a nature preserve with butterflies, turkey, and signs of wildlife all over. I also checked the pawpaw trees for ripe fruit.

Aug 202019

The Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato

Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato

This year one of the tomato varieties I decided to grow was the ‘Tasmanian Chocolate’ tomato. It’s a determinate variety that is well suited for growing in pots. It’s determinant and grows to about 3…Continue Reading

Jun 032019

Propagating Lavender from Cuttings

Propagating Lavender by Cuttings

Lavender is a great perennial plant to have around the garden. Designers use it in knot gardens, formal gardens, or even in pots. It smells great when touched and also has insect repellent properties to…Continue Reading

May 022019

Propagating Mums for Profit

It’s kind of an odd subject to bring up during spring but propagating mums for profit takes time. Spring is when you have to get started for fall mum sales. For the purposes of this…Continue Reading

Apr 192019

Fothergilla major

I love the spring time with its flush of new flowers and this spring’s flowers have one of the record books. Among those flowering plants one of the coolest is the Fothergilla major. Fothergilla is…Continue Reading

Feb 232019

The Garden in February

This time of year there usually isn’t much to see in the garden. Lately we’ve been pounded with rain shower after rain shower. We’ve had so much rain that the Duck River south of us…Continue Reading

Dec 302018

Privet: Invasive Pest Plant

Privet is a non native invasive plant in Tennessee. It should be removed whenever possible. Here is how to identify privet.