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Thank you for your interest in advertising on Growing The Home Garden! Growing The Home Garden is a blog which means it is all about my personal experiences in the garden. Needless to say that any advertising that finds its way to my site must fit in with what I think my readers would find as useful information and related products. If you believe that your company has something valuable to offer to gardeners interested in vegetables, plants, plant propagation, greenhouses or any other horticulturally significant area then please contact me! In case you are wonder why you should want advertise here please continue reading.

Why Should You Want to Advertise on Growing The Home Garden?

It’s a good question with a good answer – many people come through here each month looking for advice, ideas, and gardening insights from my personal experiences. It’s a growing site and every year more people are finding it, just look at the numbers in the graph below. A one month period from April to May brought over 1000 visitors per day which translated into 70,644 pageviews for the month (April 10, 2010 – May 10, 2010). By advertising here on The Home Garden your company or website can reach 35,000 people every month during the growing season.

Monthly Pageviews:

Monthly Visitors:

How Much Does it Cost?

It depends! Describe for me what you are interested in or send me a sample and I’ll send you a quote. A single page advertisement will be priced different than one that appears on all 2200+ pages.

Some options to consider: Category Posts, Topic (tags) Posts, Whole Site Posts, Single Page Posts. I can provide metrics on the individual posts as needed to help you with targeting a particular post or sets of posts.

Different sizes are priced accordingly.

Do you do allow Guest Posts?

Only by invitation. Search engines frown upon low quality quest posts made simply for links. Guest posts on Growing The Home Garden must be of high quality from reputable sources for them to be considered!

Do I sell Links?

Nope. Please don’t ask. My email fills up with these requests!

Do you do Product Testing on Growing The Home Garden?

I do review products that can be used in gardening. I always perform an open and honest view and point out anything I see as pertinent for a potential consumer of that product to notice. That means the good and the bad. If I can’t find anything wrong with your product it must be pretty darn good!

If you would like to get in touch about advertising on Growing The Home Garden use the contact form below.