Smokey Mountain Photos

Smokey Mountain Photos

Chris over at Outside Clyde posted a great picture of the Smokey Mountains that reminded me of when we lived out that way. We really miss living in east Tennessee because of the proximity to those mountains. There are all sorts of beautiful nooks and crannies to explore, breathtaking views, and animals to see. If you’re lucky you may even catch a glimpse of a black bear or the elusive river otters. It took us nearly four years of trips to Cades Cove to finally see a bear but on the day we did we saw at least five. One was a mother bear with her three cubs. Needless to say we kept our distance!

We have too many pictures to post at one time so here is a small sampling of spring and summer pictures that we took while exploring one of our greatest National Parks!

A view from Cades Cove

Ben Franklin sure liked this bird!

Trees along the trail

Deer are a common sight in the parks!

Abram’s Falls – a very popular trail off of Cades Cove

The road goes ever onward…


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  1. Very nice pictures! I haven’t yet visited Cades Cove but it seems to be THE vacation spot in the Smokies. Someday we will go to Cades but are usually in other areas there.

    When we visit the in-laws in NC we love traveling through the smokies. Haven’t seen much wildlife but lots of plants. My favorite is Joe Pye weed in the smokies. I enjoy the pictures of the wildlife.

  2. Much, MUCH better!

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