Hostas and their Flowers

Hostas and their Flowers

When most people, including myself, think of hostas they imagine a beautiful dark green to light green foliage plant with variegation. It’s too bad that the flowers are often taken for granted since they really are quite showy! The show starts with this little pineapple-like bud. The tightly bound buds eventually open to reveal a flower with six petals that rises high above the hosta like a flag on the fourth of July.

The flowers on our hostas in the corner shade garden range from almost white with a shade of purple on the ‘Patriot’ Hostas (Hosta fortunei ‘Patriot’) to a deep purple on the ‘Ginko Craig’ (Hosta sieboldi). Hostas generally like full to light shade.

Even though they are prized for their foliage I wonder if anyone has tried to breed them for its flower color or size.

The ‘Patriot’ Hosta

‘Ginko Craig’

I’m really impressed with the flowers on the ‘Ginko Craig’. The dark rich purple color is very striking amongst the green and white variegated foliage. The flowers seem to add an exclamation point to the shade garden.

Here is the ‘Patriot’ Hosta with a ‘Purple Palace’ heuchera flower stalk rising behind it. In the background you can see our little kitty cat statue. It has a touch of irony to it since it doubles as a birdbath…


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 5 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. I love hosta flowers-especially the fragrant ones. Are the Patiot flowers fragrant?

  2. I need more hostas and you’ve sure help me decide. Your site looks good and I’m missed chatting with you. I’m still laughing about your lawn mower.

  3. You’re right I always thought of hostas foilage, I never paid much attention to the flowers they are quite beautiful.. great photos you captured!

  4. You have a good point! I am a huge Hosta fan and I sometimes clip the flowers off (eeek!) I may have to let the poor guys be! Jen R

  5. I really do like Hosta but unfortunately so do the Voles, Rabbits and Deer so it is a struggle to keep them in my garden. I have a few new ones this year and so far, they are surviving.

  6. Tina,

    I suppose I need to go smell the flowers, I never thought to do that to the hostas! One more instance of a hosta flower being taken for granted!


    I’m glad you came by! The lawnmower still needs repair I’ve been looking for a throttle spring but can’t find one since the mower is so old.

    Thanks Karen!

    I don’t think you’re alone. I know that in the past I’ve done the same. The reason my hostas are where they are is because of their foliage, but I’m appreciating the flowers they are displaying. For now on I’ll think of the flowers when I bring home a new one.

    Jen r.,

    Ahh! Don’t cut them! 😉 If you let the flowers be you might even get some hosta babies from seed. I’m hoping for some but its more likely that I’ll get them through division instead.


    Give the voles, moles and rabbits something spicy! Some red pepper out to do the trick, the hotter the better. I haven’t had any rabbits in my shade garden since I did that. Of course maybe the cat that’s been hanging around has helped!

  7. This is one of things I love most about hostas…it is a double beauty….I get the foliage in May/June and then July a bonus of the flowers. It really helps my garden evolve over the summer. When other flowers are dying off in July, hosta gives us a second showing.
    Thanks for posting this as many people cut off the flowers…they need to be enjoyed…lol.

  8. My favorite Hosta for cut flowers is “Royal Standard”. Leaves are plain green, but it produces long stemed, large, fragrant, pure white flowers. They hold up well as a cut flowers. It’s a shame you don’t Hosta flowers being marketed for cuts.

  9. I dont cut the flowers….
    A, because I think they are beautiful….
    B, because I have seen the hummingbirds sipping nectar from them!
    So I get two flowers from one, the stationary one and the flying one!

    My brother cuts his and I am yet to figure out why.

  10. Some Hosta have a lovely sweet fragrance and you need the flowers to get the fragrance!


  11. Hi Dave, like Catherine, we grow the oldie Royal Standard for its flowers. Very fragrant, large white, blooms early August, hummingbirds love them. They are one of the hostas that can take full blazing sun without fading also, and drought tolerant. Have I sold you yet?

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