October Tomatoes

We had another harvest of tomatoes this week! We’ve been loving the sheer volume of tomatoes this summer and are sadly lamenting the end of the harvest that will be coming soon. The weather is still warm enough for the tomatoes to produce and there will probably be another crop before the frosts but the end is near!

Most of this batch of tomatoes has now become sauce but a few were saved to become sandwich ornaments. Well maybe not ornaments since these tomatoes have flavor and aren’t like your off-season store bought varieties that are picked green and shipped across the continent. Soon we will be going through the grieving process with a profound sense of loss for our favorite red fruits of the garden. Is it wrong to grieve the loss of fresh tomatoes? To quote a cliche “If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!”

We did find a few cayenne peppers ready to be picked amongst the tomato crop. The peppers are nearing their end as well. The poor peppers, their spotlight is dominated by the yummy red wonders of the garden world.

20 thoughts on “October Tomatoes

  1. Cindy

    Dave ~ I’m envious of those gorgeous tomatoes. I already used some of the ones I had frozen this summer and I had to *gasp* buy some at the store this evening. Oh, I am grieving with you.

  2. TC

    We’re all “tomatoed out” here. But your October beauties look delish.

    Just thought I’d stop in and say howdy, if you’re THE Dave I’m thinkin you are, it’s nice hollerin at ya again.

  3. Dave

    Whoops typos! I really can speak English 😉

    I meant to say “They are a combination of Big Boy, Brandywine, and Roma tomatoes. The Romas kind of ended up underneath so you may not be able to see them.”


    It’s good to have you visit even if you don’t know me! I’m not sure if I recognize you but thanks for stopping buy. I grew up in Western Pa near the Latrobe-Greensburg area, is that near your neck of the woods?

  4. TC

    Hi again Dave,

    I was thinkin you were “THE” Dave of Dave’s Garden fame. I’m still a member there (non-paid) and used to be quite active posting.

    I live about an hour north of Pittsburgh, around Slippery Rock, Grove City and Mercer.

  5. Dave


    I wondered if that’s who you thought I was. Sorry just plain ol’Dave in TN! Dave’s garden is a great resource but I can’t take credit for that. I think that Dave is from Texas but I’m not sure.

  6. Skeeter

    I thought I spotted a pepper amongst the red beauty’s then you confirmed it. I look at pictures before I read the content.. lol…

    Your crop looks great and I know how sad you will be when they are gone. We still have maters growing and have not bought one in months! I had the best luck with Romas and will have them again next year…

  7. Dave


    No offense taken, all in good humor. 🙂 I think some people have found this site through search engines when they were looking for Dave’s garden.


    Thanks for the reassurance! At least the tomatoes will be with us through the freezer, not the same but still better than store bought tomato sauce!


    Make a raised bed garden with all your stone and put plenty of compost in it! I’ve been very happy with the result this year. Although I need to do what Tina does with staking them up. She uses concrete reinforcement wire and makes her own cages.


    I agree with you completely, nothing better than a fresh ‘mater!

  8. Dave


    I was harvesting the tomatoes and saw a couple of those peppers and picked them. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with them, maybe a last batch of salsa, or if I can save them for a bit use them in some nice gameday chili!

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