Have Heucheras?

If you like Heucheras or Coral Bells as much as I do then take a look at this video from Fine Gardening Magazine. In it Alan Armitage talks about the heucheras in the trial gardens at the University of Georgia. Heuchera ‘Silver Scrolls’ and Heuchera ‘Rave On’ stand out as two perennials I will have to add to my garden next year!

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6 Replies to “Have Heucheras?”

  1. Ooh, I do! I do love Heucheras. Doesn’t everyone. They’re so cute!
    ~ Monica

  2. One of the best perennials for gorgeous foliage color & texture!

  3. I adore heucheras — and so does some critter!

    Dashed my dreams of planting a heuchera garden in a patchwork quilt design. Someone — take that idea and run with it – so many heuchera colors and manageable shape, would make a great quilt design.


  4. Hey Dave,

    I saw the Allen Armitage article in this month’s Fine Gardening mag…he validated my experience with heuchera…the best so far have H villosa parents. I love Autumn Bride and Brownie…both have survived our hot humid summers and strange winters!

    Weird weather today! Ice tonight!


  5. They’ve always been a favorite of mine and now I see several new ones I must get.

  6. I really like these plants but here in Fl. they don’t do so good. Even in pots they are sluggish. I’ve seen a couple I’d like to have for their color. I have mine on the East side of my home. They get very little sun.

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