Snow Day Dawning

It was a moment of pure beauty early this morning. We awoke to find the landscape covered in snow and with a winter wonderland waiting before us. I was out just before dawn to catch the sunrise and take some pictures in a setting that I very rarely get to photograph. I’m especially pleased with the first picture. It’s a large evergreen on one corner of our house covered in snow. It helps to shade my corner shade garden.

The next few photographs follow the progression of the sunrise from our back porch. We’re lucky to have a view of the rising sun year round from our backyard. Enjoy the pictures!

Later in the day we went sledding and my wife built a snowman. I’ll try to share some of those pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Dave, I can see why the first photo is your favorite – it’s fabulous!

  2. Great views and awesome pics!

  3. Beautiful Dave, it must have been wonderful to see the sunrise over your snowy backyard! We didn’t get anything here! gail

  4. Beautiful Dave!

    And why didn’t you help your wife with the snowman?? ;~)

  5. Beautiful pictures Dave! You are very lucky to get such lovely sunrise views from your yard. Great way to spend the day, playing in the snow with the family. 🙂

  6. Those are awesome photos! I love sky pics.

  7. All of the photos are very nice, that first one is beautiful for sure. Sounds like ya’ll had a great time enjoying the snow.

  8. Thanks for your comments!


    It seemed like we just happened to be in the path of a great snow wedge heading north east. I was very surprised!


    My kids were too cold to stay outside so one of us had to go in to make hot chocolate and get them warmed up. Since I went out first and got to play in the snow with my oldest daughter, my wife stayed out longer to get her fill of the snow! It was pretty dry snow on top which made making snowmen difficult otherwise we all would have done it earlier. We all had a good time though!

  9. Great photos! I’m glad the adults and the kids got to enjoy it! Lillian will be out playing in the snow later today 🙂

  10. These photos made me feel really nostalgic. Love them!

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