10 Garden Projects for 2009

Rather than talk about useless resolutions for 2009 I thought I would discuss my project plans for the garden. I do have one goal that encompasses all things gardening and in my life that could be considered a resolution: to do all things better than I did the last time. That one statement covers pretty much any potential resolution in one convenient little package. Now we can get on to talking about the fun stuff for 2009, the To-Do List!

1. Prepare and plant the self-seeding garden. I’ll have a specific post up for this idea later in the week but to sum up my plan I want to create a garden with easy to grow annuals, biennials, and perennials that will seed themselves year after year.

2. Propagate plants, propagate plants, propagate plants…did I say propagate plants? (Especially more salvias and Russian sages!) I want to put more Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) in more places. It’s deer tolerant (which is extremely important here), looks great, and thrives in full sun. I want more salvias for the same reasons.

3. Build an arbor as an entrance to the shady corridor. I accomplished this as a part of the Better Homes & Gardens 48 Hour Blog Challenge. You can see it here: An Entry Arbor , learn how I built it here:How to Build an Arbor, and vote for it here: 48 Hour Blog Challenge.

4. Design and implement the shady corridor. On the eastern side of our house I am creating a shady area that will serve as a cool transition to the backyard. It gets morning sun now but a row of hemlocks and a small grove of other trees (redbud, crapapple, crape myrtle, and witch hazel) are planted at the edge of the property and will eventually provide shade for the garden passage.

5. Build a fence around the vegetable garden. A nice picket fence is just what our garden needs.

6. Expand the vegetable garden. I need a little more space to grow more vegetables. I’ll eventually add more raised beds to the garden and I need space for corn. Edit: I’ve put together a new raised bed vegetable garden layout that will organize the garden much better than what I had.

7. Lay the sidewalk brick that will connect our patio to another sidewalk. There is a short stretch of ground from our patio to the garage backdoor that I would like to cover with a walkway.

8. Expand the birdbath garden. It needs a beautyberry somewhere and a couple more ornamental grasses.

9. Build my rustic log bench. I still have two chunks of trees that I brought home from my in-law’s tree cutting extravaganza last year (2008). I need to strip the bark, stain them, then add the bench seat made from reclaimed deck lumber.

10. Create a pathway for the shady garden corridor. I haven’t decided if I want to put stepping stones laid into the grass, create a gravel pathway, or use reclaimed bricks (I’d have to find some of those). A moss cover brick pathway would look pretty nice I think!

These ten tasks aren’t prioritized in any way. I don’t expect any of these tasks to individually take up more time than the patio did this past year, but you never know. I have more than just ten things listed above on my to-do list but I had to start somewhere!

Have a Happy New Year!

13 thoughts on “10 Garden Projects for 2009”

  1. Hey Dave,

    That’s quite a list. Looks like your going to have busy 2009 – but I’m sure much of it will be fun. I like your rustic bench idea. I may have to steal that one from you!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Wow Dave,

    I feel so guilty. My list for 2009 includes changing the furnace filters and emptying the dishwasher more often. But you have inspired to do each task better than last year. My wife blesses you!

    Hope you’ll post some photos of your progress. If you don’t, we’ll all know you’re back-sliding, just like the rest of us!

  3. Dave,

    You tired me out just reading your to-do list! Of course, gardening projects produce wonderful results!

    I was going to write a resolution list, but I mostly came up with deadhead, deadhead and stop deadheading in the fall. I tend to wait too long to deadhead for the repeat blooms.


  4. That’s quite the project list Dave! Look forward to seeing all the wonderful progress you make with your plans over the next season. 🙂 Happy New Year! By the way I love the Self-seeding garden, great idea. That would be a great cut garden too. 🙂

  5. Happy New Year…I am with you Dave a long list of resolutions usually go the wayside! I like your list and feel confident you will complete it! Happy New year. Gail

  6. Alan,

    I figure long lists will ensure I get something done, it adds pressure! Most of those items are doable, or at least I think so (which may or may not be the case). The rustic bench is an easy way to get garden seating, low cost too!


    Happy New Year! We’ll see if I can, I hope so!


    Thank your wife for the blessings! I imagine that you’ll accomplish quite a bit more than just changing the filters and emptying the DW. Photos will definitely be forthcoming as ordered!


    I failed my coreopsis that way I think. I collected the seeds when I should have clipped them early and they quite on me. A lesson learned!


    Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing how the self-seeding garden works out.


    Happy New Year! I’ll definitely be busy in the garden. Resolutions always seem to either fail or be forgotten. I think it’s just better to try to do better!

  7. He’s got some good help. How big are those girls buddy? Make sure them benches is built solid. Good gardening this year buddy. May The Lord take a liking to ya!


  8. Barry,

    Happy New Year! The girls are getting big. The youngest is running around everywhere and the oldest is growing up fast. Still no words from the younger but the oldest is making up for it!

  9. Great list Dave. I'm sure you won't have any trouble completing them all.
    I've found if I don't fret about it I can manage to get more done on a small scale of course.
    Happy New Year to you & family.

  10. That’s quite a list, Dave. It’s one thing to have a real garden than a pot of plants for garden, ain’t it? I see you’re going to have fun this year with your exciting projects. Good luck!
    Happy and Bloomy New Year!
    About the pathway, I think stepping stones with grass grown in between would look awesome!

  11. Hey Dave, and Happy New Year!

    This reminds me, I need to get started on my to do list as well.Sounds like you have some great plans.

  12. Hi Dave, that is a great list of things to do. I’ll enjoy seeing some of the projects come to fruition as you finish them:) I need to do a few of the same things. IF I can ever get the time, the help (hubby) and the $$ needed to do some of them. My most expensive plan right now calls for several palates of stone for building walls around garden areas and for making new garden areas. Hubby has said ok…but I know it will cost a lot, so, we’ll see. Take care, and Happy New Year:) Jan

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