The First Daffodil Bloom of 2009

The First Daffodil Bloom of 2009

Who would have thought? A daffodil (Narcissus) blooming in mid-February! The little sprouts are coming up all over but this one and a couple others like it have decided they like the weather. It could be that they are in a slightly warmer micro-climate near concrete but mostly it’s because of the extremely unseasonably warm weather we’ve been enjoying. It’s been in the 60-70 Degree Fahrenheit range for the last several days tricking the daffodils into thinking it’s spring.

The weather has been fooling me as well. All the nice temperatures have been perfect for gardening and playing in the yard. I know I will miss this warm snap in a few days and long for spring weather once again. I can’t wait to start harvesting vegetables again in the garden or to smell the sweet scent of the earth as I dig new plants into the soil. Hopefully the daffodils will be treated gently by mother nature, and maybe, just maybe we will be too!


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 5 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. It does seem really early doesn’t it? What a nice surprise.

  2. We still just have the little nubs of shoots, but it’s the promise that counts!

  3. She’s a beauty…the first ones are especially lovely. We usually get February Gold blooming near the end of the month. Lucky you to have a few blooms now. We have a crocus here and there and the hellebores. The cold weather will be a shocker!


  4. Yea for daffodils! I’m a long way from daffodils here in the land of ice and snow and snow and ice, but I’m enjoying yours!

  5. I keep sayin I’m gonna plant a field of them, but never do. I love to see them en masse. I hope none of what’s on the one in the photo on my blog ends up burying yours!

  6. What a nice surprise in February! I have some buds forming on a few of mine too Dave. They actually might open in the next few days. Our weather has been mild and pleasant too and it has been giving me the garden itch. 🙂

  7. What few daffy’s we have are up and pretty as a picture too…

  8. Jusr lovely, can’t wait for the rest of mine to bloom. I have already had Narcissus-Double Erlicheer bloom and we all know what happened to the first of the Paperwhites, although I picked them up off of the ground, placed them in a glass of water and sat them on the table on the front porch where they are continuing to bloom and ALL the neighbors that drive by can see them.

  9. OK, OK, so you have nice warm weather, don’t rub my nose in it 🙂 It snowed here yesterday, yuck.

  10. Aren’t they adorable? Perfect little previews of the warmer days ahead. Hopefully they’ll survive any nastiness Nature tosses your way. 🙂

  11. Oh hooray for your daffs. It looks like good old Rijnveld’s Early Sensation with the outer petals just slightly twisty. Those are two weeks ahead of the others here, but no blooms open yet! When the daffs open, it means spring!

  12. That’s one eager little daffodil! Lucky you to have a little taste of spring in your garden..and those wonderful, warm temps. We’re enjoying a bit of a respite from the freezing temps too. It feels good!

  13. Ah! I love such surprises! The daffodils look sweet, Dave.

  14. Hello, I really like your blog and have been reading it a little the past week. I remember last year in Kentucky worrying that my Tulips and Daffodils wouldn’t make it through the rest of winter around this time; although it was just there foliage.


  15. Wow, what a beauty. I also have one little daffy blooming. There is a bud so will have another in a few days.
    Yea, Spring, come on.

  16. We’re expecting some cold in the nights this weekend then normal temperatures for February, which means cold! I think the daffodils should manage alright.

    Sorry Lee, not trying to rub any noses. 😉


    I’m not sure which variety these are. I got a bag of bulbs from a plant swap last year and popped them in all over.

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