Todays Tomato Harvest

It’s that special time of the year when the tomatoes start ripening up and producing all kinds of luscious fruits for our consumption. Here is what I picked today.

The top box of cucumbers and tomatoes was actually from yesterday but all the rest came out this afternoon. A couple of the tomatoes have some damage from irregular water, oddly enough, from too much water rather than not enough this year. I haven’t counted them yet but will do so tomorrow and add it to the vegetable count. I’m a couple days behind on posting to the list but I have kept track of our bounty with a handy note in the kitchen. Today’s vegetables consisted of cucumbers, yellow pear tomatoes (a slew of them), cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes (I’ll have to check which kinds), and some crazy looking giant tomatoes. It’s a pretty good haul, we’re going to have to start canning and freezing soon!

8 thoughts on “Todays Tomato Harvest

  1. Chiot's Run

    OH, that's quite lovely. What are you going to make first? I'm planning on jars of tomato soup for delicious winter meals with my first tomatoes. That's the one thing we ate up from last year. I still have some homecanned tomatoes left.

  2. Dave

    Thanks all! It's more than we can eat in one weekend for sure. I think spaghetti sauce will be one of the first things we make. We've already have a couple BLTs, and I love tomatoes on turkey sandwiches! YUM!

    I always like having extra to give away.

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