The Birdbath Garden August Expansion

August isn’t really the best time to expand a garden. It’s hot, not much water, and usually the nurseries don’t have a whole lot of nice plants to choose from since they are waiting on the fall stock to arrive. Even though I wouldn’t recommend buying and planting plants right now if you promise the plants that you will water them when needed and won’t be leaving them for any extended lengths of time then they may allow you to plant them. Such is the case with my new friend ‘Diablo’ (Physocarpus opulifolius). Diablo is a ninebark and a pretty neat one at that! Ninebark is native to North American and has white flowers in the summer.  Because I purchased this ninebark impulsively (I’ve wanted one for a while and just found a nursery nearby that sold them) I spent a few days figuring out where to put it. I finally found a spot on one side of the birdbath garden that I could expand where I paired it up with a couple ‘Powis Castle’ Artemisias I propagated from cuttings. The silver and purple look is one I really enjoy! They’re little now but they will grow fast!

I also settled on a spot for yet another big rock as a low bench. What do you think about planting plants in the heat of summer?

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  1. Hi Dave, I cannot believe I'm telling you this, but I've been planting ALL summer during these past two years. We've had the most unusually beautiful, cool, rain-when-it's-needed weather ever. Usually by August, the grass is brown and dormant due to the heat, etc. Not so again this year.

    You are having a great time in your gardens! I need to haul some sidewalk chunks home. Everyone in town has been replacing sidewalks over these past 3-4 years… and I've been benefiting! 🙂

  2. Shady,

    Confession is good for the soul they say! 😉 I've planted plants this summer and last so you aren't alone. I think plant addicts can't help themselves. There is no cure! This has been a great summer for planting new things!

  3. 'Diablo' is a stunner! Take lots of cuttings and make sure to save one for me:) Pairing it with Powis is a great pairing too.

  4. Dear Dave : )
    I have some cultivars or mixes ? of Diablo .. "Summer Wine" which has an amazing burgundy wine colour in Fall. "Satin Chocolate" is a specified Canadian one that Loblaws (Canadian grocery store and garden center in summer) had created for an anniversary .. it is very dark and looks amazing with silver .. I also have paired it with an artemisia (great minds think alike again ? LOL)
    Now if only I could have some of your rocks/benches ? : )
    Joy 😉

  5. Was I supposed to stop planting in summer? I guess I missed that rule:) My rule is that if I have the plants and the time, then I plant. Of course, I try to wait for an overcast day and I water well until the plants are established.

  6. I say it you shouldn't do it, but I have this year, lol. Luckily, it rained everytime after I have planted something. I guess when we do plant something now it needs to be watered twice a day if it is in full sun.


  7. Tina,

    It's actually a patented variety and shouldn't be reproduced. Or course any offspring via seeds can be produced without limits!


    Wine and Chocolate go well together don't they? 😉 I wonder what the shipping would be on my big rock? Hmm… 😉


    Most people don't advise planting right now but I do it all the time. In fact I've planted 2 purple leaf plums, several caryopteris, and the above plants. There are no rules in gardening, well OK there are a few, but rules are meant to be broken right? 😉


    That's good to have that rain! Like Melody said she tries to wait for an overcast day. I do that too usually or wait until I know rain is in the forecast and hope the weather guy is right!

  8. Don't you love when your new purchase ='s a bed expansion. I did the same thing for a rose this summer.
    I love Diablo, and have thought about where it could fit into my yard. It looks great where you added it.

  9. I like the birdbath themed garden. The diablo is a nice addition with the coloring of the leaves. Wish I had some.

  10. Hi Dave, it sounds like a case of do as I say, not as I do! I plant and move things all summer, all winter, all spring and all fall. It never stops. If the shovel can enter the earth, it will. That shovel has a mind of its own. It does speak to the hose and rainbarrel however about watering those newly planteds. I believe your ninebark and artemesias to be a perfect match with many happy years of growing ahead of them! 🙂
    Happy birthday to a little one.

  11. I was good this summer and stopped planting after June. But if your find a great plant and have a good spot for it, why not! The birdbath garden is looking great with the expansion & the addition of another bench. 🙂

  12. The birdbath garden if looking good, do you have many birds visit?

    Another bench was a good idea!

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