Fall Vegetable Garden Layout for a 4’x8′ Raised Bed

Lately I’ve been thinking about my fall vegetable planting and since the time is upon us I thought I would put together a diagram of how I might plant one of my 4’x8′ raised beds. While this vegetable garden layout is not necessarily drawn to scale with regard to the number of plants possible it should show what kind of plants go well together in the fall garden. The plants in this layout are generally considered good companion plants and since pests will be fewer in the fall they shouldn’t have many problems.

4×8 Vegetable Garden Layout for Raised Beds in Fall

4×8 Raised Bed Garden Layout designed for fall vegetable gardens

This plan includes: radishes, beets, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, and bush beans.

We aren’t big broccoli eaters here (my wife isn’t too fond of it!) so I’ll just settle for a few plants. I love broccoli in Fettuccine Alfredo! I hope to try pickling some beets this fall and the spinach should last beyond the first freeze once it is established.

Cabbage loopers decimated my spring crop so I’m hoping to squeeze in a couple cabbage for some fall slaw. With any luck we’ll still be producing a good amount of tomatoes to put together a great garden salad with the radishes, lettuce, spinach, and maybe a fall crop of cucumbers. 

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9 thoughts on “Fall Vegetable Garden Layout for a 4’x8′ Raised Bed”

  1. I'm sure I must have missed this somewhere, but what is the software you use for those plans? That vegetable garden looks ace! My Hubster has just acquired a vegetable patch at his local Meeting House, and I'd like to be able to help him plan his crops. I've got a rather rubbish free "virtual garden" planner from BBC Gardeners World, but that has no vegetables loaded in at all!

  2. I really like how you do your garden layouts. My class this term is landscape design and I'm hoping to learn how to make them look as good as yours one day-I hope!

  3. Looks good! You should know that spinach and lettuce will grow all winter long in our clime – especially spinach. Pop one of those clear plastic storage bins over it when it gets cold for an instant cold frame. I've also had good luck with radishes and carrots under glass.

  4. Hi Julia,

    I use a program called Corel Draw to doodle out my designs. It's an older version like v8 I think. If you figure out how to use it it works pretty good for layouts. No 3D options or anything though. Seems kind of wrong to me to have a gardening program with no vegetables!

    Thanks Tina! It sounds like an interesting class when do you start taking it?


    I'm counting on that spinach! I'd like to be munching on fresh spinach in December if possible. I may have to try those carrots under glass, we have a few spare windows we could use for a cold frame.

  5. Wow – I had no idea Corel Draw could do that! I used it for years and years!! Thanks for the tips – I'll see what I can come up with.

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