From the Vegetable Garden

From the Vegetable Garden

It’s time for another peek into the vegetable garden! The fall vegetables are picking up their pace while the summer ones are rapidly screeching to a halt among the rains that have been making Spring Hill, Tennessee seem much more like the Pacific Northwest. I saw the sun yesterday for about 15-20 minutes and used that time to scope out the garden and its current state of disrepair. I’ll post more on the work that needs to be done another time as the list making is just beginning but for now have a look at the vegetable garden. Don’t forget to check out other blogs for their vegetable garden updates at In the Garden!
By far the greenest of the greens are the radishes. I’ve never actually eaten radish greens before and recently have come across some radish green soup recipes that look interesting. I picked a nice sized radish this morning perfect for slicing and dropping in a salad.
A few beets are coming along. I’m a little disappointed that more have not emerged but I may have time to add some more seed if I plan on adding some frost protection later.

The beans are well on their way to producing a healthy final crop. Hopefully we’ll get to freeze the green beans to preserve them over the winter. We don’t have a pressure canner which is necessary to can beans and other low acid foods.

Some of the last of the summer crops still producing are the peppers. The peppers have had no problems this year with bugs, animals, or disease. These peppers are the same as the purple peppers from my last vegetable garden update but have been left to develop a little longer to change their color to red. I like a little variety in pepper appearance from the same old green peppers.

Of course we can’t forget the herbs! My wife’s favorite has to be cilantro and it is coming up everywhere in one 3’x4′ raised bed. I let our spring crop of cilantro go to seed then sprinkled the seed in this bed and just let it go. Once the cooler temperatures and consistent rains came the cilantro started to sprout. There are 4-5 small seedling that have emerged with quite a few more cotyledons appearing every day. We may have more cilantro than we can handle.

I have one more vegetable to show you, the pumpkin. We actually have about 4 on the vine but their growth is going to be severely limited due to the squash vine borer. If there was one bug I could eliminate from my garden for all time it would have to be the squash vine borer. Every summer squash and zucchini crop this year was destroyed by the borers and now they moved on to the pumpkins. At least we’ll end up with a few nice decorative pumpkins this year even if they aren’t large enough to make the Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween. That will give us a good excuse to visit a pumpkin farm with the kids.


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 5 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. Those veggies look great! Especially the peppers, yummmm. I still wish my tomatoes had done better this year.

  2. I am SO envious of you picking and eating radishes already. I have been most negligent with planting my fall veggie garden. I need to take a clue from my fellow TN bloggers and get to work. Your pepper is most pretty. I hope your pumpkins ripens too. You know it is most satisfying growing your own pumpkin for Halloween and the girls will love it. I added your link it. Have a good day and hopefully you'll dry out. We've barely received any rain here.

  3. Your pumpkin looks great, Dave! And I'm so jealous of your volunteer cilantro, one of my all-time favorite herbs as well. We had a ton of volunteers in our tomato bed last year, and I was hoping we'd just keep getting volunteer cilantro from there on out, but nary a cilantro came up there this year. Rats!

  4. Everything in your veggie department looks great, Dave! I finally have ONE yellow pear tomato fully ripened and I'm waiting to savour it in a salad this evening. Hee! Tons left to ripen, though.

  5. Great looking veggies. I can't seem to get herbs to grow from seed. This seems to have been a bad yr for most things.

  6. What a gorgeous pumpkin! Borers are the worst…I found them in the stems of a dahlia that snapped off and an Autumn Joy Sedum. Yucky. gail

  7. I don't have a late season veggie garden. I pack so much into our relatively short summer growin season that by the time fall arrives, I'm ready to call it quits!

    About the only thing we have in the garden now is decorative gourds and lettuce.

  8. Hi Dave,
    Something I learned years ago about beet germination is that the seeds need REALLY good soil contact. As in, after you've planted the beet seeds, step on them. (Don't jump and stamp hard enough to compact the soil, just step on them.)

    Since I heard (and started applying) that concept, I'm getting too many sprouts!


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