The Miscanthus and the Big, Big Sky

The Miscanthus and the Big, Big Sky

Picking a photo for Gardening Gone Wild’s Photo monthly contest was a challenge. The subject matter for September is ornamental grasses. I took photos of the grass leaves, the seed heads, and from different perspectives and finally settled on the first picture of the Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’. I liked the second picture of the seedheads because of the similar orientation of the seedheads.

Miscanthus and the Big, Big Sky
Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’

I like the arcing blades of grass in front of the blue sky and the clouds in the background. What do you think? Does the cloud in the sky resemble a man with a beard?
Feel free to click on the picture for a larger view if you need to!

Synchronized Swaying
Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’

The wind was blowing the seedheads back and forth. What I found interesting was the synchronicity of the grass seeds.


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  1. Well I like to see them swaying together too! I'm a Japanese Silver grass fan.

    I've seen your blog listed quite a few nice places lately. Congrats on all the hard work.

  2. I love Miscanthus.

    I just bought a miscanthus sinensis 'Juli'. I'm going to aquire 'malepartus' soon as well.

  3. Dear Dave
    They are both great pictures .. and I definetly have a weak spot for miscanthus .. I have a few here .. and they are beauties in the garden .. love that blue sky/white cloud contrast with the grass ! … and of course that finely seeded head(s) of the others .. NICE !!

  4. Very nice dancing!

  5. Perfect capture of the graceful grasses! I have grown particularly fond of grasses this year! They have majestic beauty and remind me of my roots in Nebraska.

  6. I love my miscanthus 'Cosmopolitan'. Some of my red salvia greggii are beginning to get shaded out by a willow, so I want to move them in front of the green/white miscanthus so that the tiny red blooms will show up more.


  7. I love the second photo!!

  8. Miscanthus is an amazing grass. I have a picture of a patch of it with some whimsical garden ornaments on the page where my entry is. Your second shot really does actually indicate the wind if you understand how grass responds to it. Beautiful.

    I see the man with the beard, but I also see a ram's head. I love looking at clouds.

  9. Very nice – good luck with the contest.

  10. That sky in the first photo is so very blue, I would have picked that photo as well. Good luck!

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