Fall Color Project: A Flurry of Foliage

Today was one of those days when everyone decided to have a great idea at once, post about fall colors! Unfortunately I’ve been working all day on the greenhouse and have just now been able to update the project. Better late than never right?We’ll start today’s flurry of fall foliage posts in the order they were received!
The first stop today is to see a canopy of golden foliage at Catherine’s garden. On her blog, A Gardener in Progress, her maple trees are shining with some of the greatest colors I’ve seen in a tree. I really think you could match it, but never beat it! The last picture is a classic one of fall, arching branches laden with golden leaves and a blue sky in the background.
Your next stop is to Virginia and the garden blog of Racquel, The Perennial Gardener! Racquel has prepared a neat slide show of fall scenes in her area to watch. Scenic hillsides with the turning colors of maples and oaks brighten up the landscape!
I always look forward to what Nancy at Soliloquy has posted. Not only is she a great photographer but she has a definite talent for poetry as well, and we are lucky to be treated to both!
On a familiar road I stood
And scanned the trees for gilded wood;
No crimson, orange or scarlet here.
“We’ve missed Fall’s flame”, I thought, I feared.
For the rest of her poem you have to visit Soliloquy!
Beautiful, simply beautiful is the only way to describe fall in Connecticut. Over at Evolution of a Gardener you can see Kate’s photographs from her trip to Devil’s Hopyard. Picturesque bridges, fall foliage and wild fauna are frozen in time for us to enjoy all week at her blog. Go for today and visit all week as she posts more fall foliage pictures from her trip!

The Hudson Valley is another great place to travel for fall color gawkers! JGH from Nyack Backyard visited Tallman Park which is part of the Palisades Interstate Park System. Once inside Tallman Park JGH and Miss B show us the trees, the North Picnic Area where you can see the Hudson river, and Piermont Marsh. The Hudson Valley is well worth a trip if you like fall color, especially when it’s only a mouse click away!

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  1. It's fun taking the fall tours with everyone. Thanks for including mine!

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