Fall Color Project: Michigan vs. Tennessee

Nope we aren’t talking football here but fall foliage!
Monica the Garden Faerie has posted some fantabulous fall foliage! She also happens to have many of my favorite shrubs in her garden including fothergilla, Red Twig Dogwood, viburnums, and smokebush. I would be right at home in her garden, except or the whole Michigan cold weather thing! Go pay Monica a visit and see some of the great autumn foliage her garden has to offer.
Tina at In the Garden is the first in Tennessee to show off her fall colors! Dogwoods, camellias, and a really neat Korean maple have begun the fall leaf change in her garden. Bradford pears are turning bright red while her serviceberry (which is a good replacement for Bradford Pears) is turning a beautiful golden yellow. Come see what fall color is like here in Tennessee!
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3 thoughts on “Fall Color Project: Michigan vs. Tennessee

  1. Monica the Garden Faerie

    Thanks for the mention. I do love my fothergilla! It seems fall colors are especially nice this year. And LOL about the weather–my realtor always said "It's all about trade-offs" and he's a wise man. It's true our winters are too long, but I couldn't handle the TN summer heat! 🙂

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