The Greenhouse Project: Beginning the Framing

The Greenhouse Project: Beginning the Framing

Another day is done for the greenhouse-shed project and a little bit more has been accomplished. It’s moving along at a good pace; not too fast or hurried but careful and methodical. Yesterday we finished setting the posts and today we ended construction by putting up most of the framing for the first large picture window.
Before the window framing we did quite a few other labor intensive tasks.
  • We cut and fitted 4″x6″ timbers around the base to hold the posts together and hold the flooring (gravel) inside. 4″x6″s are very heavy and it was quite a chore to set them level them and screw them into the posts.
  • After getting the 4″x6″ lumber into place we went around the base and added metal plates to join the posts together with the 4″x6″s. Every post received two plates one on the front and the other on the back.
  • The last job of the day was to actually frame up a window. We debated for a few minutes on what to do and eventually came to a suitable conclusion. (Prior to construction I came up with a design plan for the greenhouse but after a consultation with a structural engineer (and father-in-law ;)) I made a few changes to improve the stability of the structure. Those changes required a few adaptations for my shed-greenhouse plan.) Beneath the window we built a structure to hold the picture frame window. It’s solid, very solid. We connected 4 inch 2″x4″ pieces between two 2″x4″s and set them at 12 inches apart which made a very solid 7″ tall base for the window.
Tomorrow I hope to get the wall framing accomplished. I’m also concerned that my work week might be ended too soon by the falling rain. Maybe the weather forecasters are wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time!


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 5 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. Dang. Can you rent out that structural engineer for all the window-frame greenhouses you've inspired us to dream of?

  2. Hi Dave, thanks for visiting my blog recently. Your greenhouse project is looking great. Good luck finishing it up!

  3. You are one dedicated workman!! Looking good and I know you are just imagining all of the plants you will grow and propagate in there!!

  4. Good job Dave. I hope the rain holds off so you can get more of the shed/greenhouse done. Sure will be nice to see the end results.

  5. Great progress, Dave, and such careful, beautiful work, too. Built to last!

  6. I have my fingers crossed that the rain holds off for you at least until Friday late. They say 50% Thursday so work fast:)

  7. Good for you. Can't wait to see it finished (I'm sure you feel the same way). Dang! I wrote about fall color today, but didn't know about your project. What a great idea.~~Dee

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