Free Stuff Friday! (Organic Bug Killer Giveaway)

While this won’t happen every Friday (I don’t have enough sponsors) I do have something that some readers and bloggers may want to try in their own homes or gardens. If you remember a month or so back I tested some products from a company called EcoSMART. The specialize in making insect repellents, organic bug killers, and other products that are environmentally friendly and safe to use around children and pets. They are interested in giving away some of their product for you to try at home.  
Here’s what you have to do to win their product: Tell me about your worst bug experience this year!
I’ve already told you about my worst bug tale (I’m not eligible for the contest so don’t let my tale of the never ending hiccups intimidate you) so now it’s your turn.  All you have to do is post either in the comments or on your blog and tell us your worst bug problem this year. Everyone who tells their bug story  gets an entry into the hat for a drawing that will happen next weekend. Make sure you let me know if you post your story on your blog.  All entry stories must be posted by 12:00 AM Central Time on Friday November 13th! Unfortunately you must be in the United States to participate but you are more than welcome to still share your worst bug story anyway!

Now let’s hear about some bugs!
Edit: I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday, so stay tuned!

8 Replies to “Free Stuff Friday! (Organic Bug Killer Giveaway)”

  1. Coincidentally I just had a close encounter with the third kind. I am posting on it next Friday so I won't spoil the surprise today. Let's just say my shrieks could be heard pretty far from my home.

  2. Ha! Great contest idea, Dave! I'll bet we see some spine-tingling horror stories now!

  3. My worst bug experience would have to be this past summer when picking tomatoes from the garden I came across a couple of Hornworms. They blended in so well with the stems that I accidentally touched them, yuck! Of course I picked them off and stomped them into oblivion. 😉

  4. No horror stories here, but I'll surely be interested in reading some of the others'!

  5. I've got a few but by far the worst was the yellow jacket attack I suffered while walking out to my garden. I never even saw it coming but apparently they saw me just fine.

  6. Oh my! Heather! I hope you're not allergic to bee stings, like me.

    This spring, I had a viburnum skeletonized by the Viburnum Leaf Beetle. Nuff said!

  7. I don't have a story about myself, but my 8 year son decided to take a swing in an almost forgotten hanging bench not to long ago, only to discover a wasp nest fully occupied and attached to the underside. He came away with about 4 stings and quite a scare!
    On a different note – if you are looking for some outstanding organic insect killer look up Gardenville in San Antonio – Mr. Beck who has run the place since 1957. He has a product called Anti Fuego – for reasons he would be more than happy to explain – he has to call it a soil conditioner, but I (and many others) can attest to the fact that it works exceptionally well as an insecticide – especially on Fire Ants which give us fits here in Texas!

  8. Hi!! Wish I HAD a bad bug story… I DO have a story about some bad moles! 😉 I'm still working on those, though. Good luck with this contest. You have a great idea!

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