Cold Cardinals and Mockingbird Backsides

Is it cold enough for you yet? Too cold if you ask me! Temperatures are not destined to be above freezing in the foreseeable future here in TN. I’m intentionally laying low indoors due to those low temperatures but others are not so lucky. The birds are fluffing their feathers out as much as they possibly can in an effort to buffer the cold air away from their skin.

Take this cardinal for instance. He’s staring off into the yard from the vantage point of a butterfly bush in the birdbath garden. The butterfly bush serves as a good refuge for the birds from hungry predators like cats and hawks. The birds like to dart back and forth from the bush to the bird feeders nearby.

Here again is another male cardinal or maybe even the same one resting in the Yoshino Cherry Tree in the front yard.  It’s amazing how well adapted the birds are to these cold temperatures.

But not all birds look as comfortable. I suspect that this mockingbird wasn’t willing to turn around for his picture since I was comfortably inside the house enjoying the heat and he wasn’t.

Or maybe he is very well adapted like the cardinal but is just … mocking me!

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  1. Come to think about it I haven't seen very many birds lately in Lexington. I think they have fled south, even the hardier ones. I have seen some type of black birds, but I have only seen them in large groups together, very "Birds" like.

    I am with you on staying inside in this weather,


  2. I am always amazed how the birdies make it through the temperature extremes and used to be concerned. Since reading other blogs in areas farther north than ours, however, makes me realize our birds have a good chance of survival especially if we help out a little with some seed. I am excited about your greenhouse and continue to expect great things.

  3. Maybe he was just mocking you 😉 Beautiful shots!

  4. It has been cold. Poor little birds.

  5. I do wonder why they dont freeze in the winter months? My neighbor put coats on their horses but I dont see people putting coats on cows, deer, birds, etc and they dont freeze. Nature is amazing… Our bird feeders are getting a work out now…

  6. Nice pics! I saw the puffiest mourning dove outside this morning, sitting perfectly still atop my feeder. You can tell they are cold!

  7. What lovely birds – we dont have anything as exotic looking as that here in the UK

  8. Oh the poor birds, Dave! We can barely keep the feeders filled for them. They seem to eat more when the weather is so cold. The pump in the pond keeps the water from freezing in there, thank goodness they have a place to get a sip. Snow in the forecast! Do stay warm.

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