Chickadee Ready for A Closeup

This little chickadee was seen on my back deck going after some birdseed.  It’s always fun to watch the chickadees fly around. They seem fearless and will often just land a few feet way while I’m working in the garden. I didn’t participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count last weekend but I think next year I’ll jump in and count some feathered friends.

11 thoughts on “Chickadee Ready for A Closeup

  1. jodi (bloomingwriter)

    I never get tired of chickadees. On the other hand, your google ads are currently hilarious and out of touch, Dave (I get this happening too). Here we're all talking about how we love birds, and there are ads for rdding our world of birds on the sidebar. Too amusing!

  2. Dave@TheHomeGarden


    I used a special birdfeeder to get that close-up and put it very close to our door. It made the shot pretty good to get. Of course taking many shots helps!

    Thanks DK!


    they are fun to watch. We have mockingbirds that are very territorial and its fun to watch the crafty chickadees get their way no matter what the mockingbirds do!

    Thanks Gail! They're one of my favorites – I like lots of them though.


    Isn't technology wonderful! Fortunately I'm getting ads for birdfeeders and stuff now. As long as they aren't those ugly teeth ads or something blatantly inappropriate I'm OK!

  3. Chiot's Run

    These little birds are among my faves to see in the garden. They are one of the first to become comfortable with us humans. I think my favorite are the little wrens – I love their singing and how they flit about the garden. Not to mention all the hard work they do keeping the cabbage worms off my brassicas!

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